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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Erin, Fielder Now Has a Face!!!



I liked the fluffy teddy bear look more than the shaved poodle look, but it's not too bad I suppose...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dog Fur is Taking Over My Life

Today us seniors got our gradwear....I got the sweatshirt and the polo. I LOVE them so much because now no niner will ever ask me again what grade I am- and if they do, I will hit them. But anyways, it was nice and clean because we got it at school today, but then I came home and Petey's fur got all over it in TWO MINUTES. Argh. The one thing I don't like about having a white dog is I can't wear dark clothes cause he sheds so much. Thank god Fielder doesn't shed, or I'd have to cut out light clothes too- then what would I be left with? Nothing, that is what.

Photographic Evidence:

Very clean sweatshirt

Very FURRY sweatshirt plus some very lovable puppies

The most comforting thought I can offer myself is right now is that it could be worse- as in like when Sam had Baloo, Amigo, Calvin and Patience, every colour of the rainbow dog fur-worse. haha Sam :P

And a little note for our american buddies...for your reading pleasure, a conversation that took place in my geography class today:
Capps: So on our way to Boston, we'll be stopping in New Hampshire-
Me: Hang on a sec- is New Hampshire a state?
Therese: umm...yeah...i think...
Me: hey kris?
Krista: Yep
Me: Is New Hampshire a state?
Kris: uhh...YEAH
Me: See Reese!!! told ya!
Therese: Shut up! You were the one who though Chicago was a state!!
Me: Truesay buddy- you win
p.s. Amy you cannot have Fielder...puppy program KNOWS you...I think I will start him off with Jenny and then she can pass him off to someone else and he'll make his rounds in the states!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Wow it feels like its been so long since my last update....the past few weeks and coming weeks have been/will be insane with schoolwork, what with christmas break and report cards coming up soon. Ugh, this is a good way of procrastinating the geo book review, three english essays, lit oral, lit essay, religion essay and christmas concert coming up in two weeks. Ewie.

Anywhos, the puppies have been good. We haven't really done anything special lately...we were planning on attending a Santa Clause parade yesterday but ended up not going =( Our next big thing to look forward to is a shopping trip in Toronto with our puppy posse on Dec. 10, which I'm REALLY excited for...its a nice incentive to look forward to through all this massive homeworking.
A couple days ago, the puppies made a surprise appearance in the shower....Fielder jumped in first and then Petey was all "hey that looks like fun!" and jumped in as well. That's how I found out poodle fur doesn't dry as easily as jack russell fur and I had to attempt to blowdry Fielder.

I found out Petey's not going back in this recall, so yay! However, it is still definitely coming up, so boo. My new plan is to send him down to one of you american puppy raisers to keep for a few weeks while i convince the puppy program I've lost him...and no Manny, not you, so don't even think about it.
Hopefully I will think of something interesting to write about later this week...toodles for now =)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back to Normal

Fielder came back Friday night, much to Petey's horror. Missy was in Oakville so she picked up Fielder from Sam's mom who had gotten him from Sam the day before in Guelph. Unfortunately, Missy didn't stop by her place to pick up Petey's girlfriend Tetley so Petey was rather upset when she showed up with just Fielder- he'd been told he was gonna get to chew on Tetley as a birthday present, but oh well. They might go shopping together next week at the Everything- Here- is- Swedish- Store, aka Ikea.

For some possibly bad/good news.... Though Susan said his recall was slated for Dec/Jan, she did say he could be recalled anytime. Being in denial and also a little delusional, I assumed he definitely woulnd't go until later in December. But of couse, my life hates me, so when Missy came over, she told me one of the HED trainers is looking for dogs for her string, and then Lynn emails me and says that a puppy we know was recalled for HED for Dec4. So it is very possible I might be getting the Dreaded Phone Call soon. POO

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Petey Goes to School

Today Petey went to school with me! It went better than I thought it would- he wasn't perfect but held out until period five, when the whining started. Periods 1 to 3 he was perfect. We basically got no work done in lit (p1) cause everyone was fawning over Petey, including the teacher...after all, Petey is SO much more appealing than Wuthering Heights.

Petey in front of my locker with his new friends

I was most worried about third because it was music- he's okay with me playing my sax but I wasn't sure if he could tolerate my jazz class, so I made backup plans for my friend to take him to physics if he couldn't but it turned out to be fine. He sat by me and then when we started playing, he just went to the front and slept beside my teacher, and was fine for the rest of the period =) He kinda started whining during fourth but I gave him some treat thing to chew on and then he was fine. Period 5 (history) he was being really whiney but he settled down after a while, and my teacher loves him so it's all good.
The hardest thing for sure throughout the day was telling people they couldn't pet him- even most of the teachers I ran into started petting him without permission. The good news is though, my principal loved him and said we should put him in the yearbook =) I'm taking him again tomorrow; I'm excited!!
Priceless Photo of the Day

It looks like Petey's head is up Nat Bogdon's kilt, but it's really just the angle of the pic- she's sitting on a chair and he's lying on the floor haha

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Happy Birthday to my special little boy- you've grown so much both as a "normal" doggy and as a future dogguide- from just a little guy with a whole lot of attitude, to a mature, spunky little dog I am so proud to walk out in public with. I know I'm so lucky to be able to have you until your first birthday....you'll always have a very special place in my heart, and I'll love you forever and forever my little Petey Wetey!

(I tried to reproduce the kennel picture but it doesn't work anymore! He's too big, but oh well...)
Bonus points if you can guess who's hand that is in the first picture!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Fielder Goes to University!!!

No, not THAT one sillypoos! While Patience is out of action for a bit, Fielder (who, by the way is now a whole THREE POINT THREE KILOGRAMS!!!) is staying with Sam for the next week or three, because as we all know, Sam cannot live without a dog. Fielder is now a student at the University of Guelph, so he will come back as a yucky FARM DOG!!!! ahhhhh! And Sam, I am expecting many pictures!!! *hint hint* We had lots of fun with Amy and Cliff and Kelsey and Della at the assessment today. We had a fun drive up and back with Amy listening to her sing...ahem..many songs *she thinks my tractor is sexyyyy* Fielder finally met his sister Fairy again who is weirdly much bigger than him. He had a fun reunion with his favourite sister Anorexic Fawn, but unfortunately didn't get to see Floyd. (This pic is at a weird angle, as Fielder is significantly bigger than Fawn is, by a whole 1.3 kg)

Also, one of Petey's best buds Betty went back to school today for recall, and we wish her the best of luck cause she's an awesome dog!!!!!!! Good luck Betty!!!!!!!!!!! <333

Some good news is that I finally caught my principal at a rare free moment today, and was able to ask her about bringing the dogs to school and she said yes! So Petey comes with me Wednesay...I hope!!

p.s. About yesterday's entry.... Petey rolled in a poo that I probably missed/forgot to pick up in the backyard, so the right side of his head was covered in poo....the reason we didn't notice it right away was because the black patch covered it up haha

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I was watching Petey all curled up like a little lamb today, and suddenly a wave of sadness washed over me- a stream of the memories we've had together for the past ten months were going through my head like a slideshow. Recall time is coming up and our time is fleeting. As I was watching him, I felt so much love for this tiny little dog and pride for how much we've been through together and how he's turned out...and so I lay down beside him, and all of a sudden it hit me- my dog smells like poo.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
-Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae
Thank you to those who have served, are serving, and will serve, especially to our troops in Afghanistan right now- we will not forget.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

On Sunday, we were at the Royal wiht Amy and Zoom and Amy and Cliff. It was superfun, and for the record, I DID wait for you guys...until 1:20..is it my fault you showed up at 12:25? No, it is not :P Anyways, we just walked around for a bit, saw some cows and their...bits ahahaha, and then our shift started and we did our usual bit, talking to the people and stuff, while eating anything and everything in sight. Our friend Della and foster puppy Betty (FBL haha Erin) joined us a bit later, and Petey loved it cause he and Betty are in the same puppy class and they're best friends. I'll keep this short so you can check out the pics which I went a bit overboard on, but oh well....enjoy!

Yummy Apple Dumpling and interestingly posed Cliff

Zoomy and Petey

Amys and the dogs (AmyB what are you doing??) -- Me, Amy, Zoom

Lovin our doggies!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we're gigantic pigs, so what?

AmyG's shoe is disgusting and my foot hasn't felt the same since I wore it

BR- Della, me, AmyB, FR- Betty, Zoom, Petey (look at his face!!!), Cliff's furry butt -- Us holding our babies; Betty in front

From left, Betty, Cliff, Zoom and Petey!! <33

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sorry! Updates, Finally!

Amber, if I were you, I'd be scared of myself. And no, I'm not you- you are THE one and only 33 yr old rapist from South Dakota.

Anyways...okay, updates..

Well nothing's really new...the puppies are good and coming along fine..Fielder has an assessment next Monday which should be really fun cause Cliff has one at the same time, so Amy and I are gonna meet up with Sam..or something like that. And I'm really looking forward to Sunday, cause Petey and I are doing a shift at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair..where "the country comes to the city" Amy and Zoom and Amy and Cliff are doing the same shift, so I guess the country really IS coming to the city! bahahahaha jks guys ;) The shift is from 4:30-8:30 but I might have to leave a bit early cause my mom doesn't want me to have to walk to the subway station in the dark, since downtown Toronto at night is a little bit sketch...ensuring that nobody rapes me, unless Amber's in town- AHHHH!!!!

Hmm...still trying to get ahold of my principal for permission to bring the pups in, should be able to talk to her early next week. If not, then I'll just skip class and start a candlelight vigil outside her office.

Gradwear is coming in soon, so yay!!!!! I'm so excited for it, so that stupid niners can quit asking what grade im in and not believing me when i say twelve..WHATEVS stupid niner, i could totally get all my grade twelve friends to beat you up! Not that i would do that...cause I'm a nice person.

Ohh, and also, I went to my cousin's wedding this past Saturday...it was like a big family thing cause he and his fiancee live in Edmonton, but they're only there cause my cousin's doing his residency at some hospital over there to become an oncologist, and all their friends are here, so they had the wedding here!! =D Since it was an all day mass/family lunch/reception/dinner thing, I was away basically all day, and had my best friend Char come watch the puppies at my house. It was that day that it REALLY hit me what a momI've become. Quite like some of the blogs I read where the writers are parents to humans/pets, I called many a times to check on my babies (three times, to be exact), and was fully lecturing her on their schedules. (They sleep at 10:30, don't let them have too many snacks, Petey goes out at 7:30, they both go out at 11:30, Fielder eats 1/2 cup of CHICKEN, Petey eats 1 cup of LAMB , and DEAR GOD DO NOT MIX THOSE UP SILLY GIRL OR ELSE PETEY WILL BREAK OUT IN HIVES!!! etc etc...) Anyways, then I felt reallyyyyy old, but I still love my crazy little kidlets with my lifeee...and I can't believe I'm say this, but...I love being a TEENAGE MOTHER!!! ahaha if only my mother somehow stumbled across this in the wrong context...

That's all for now i guess...everyone write lots and lots of new blog posts so I can procrastinate all my homework on Saturday! And WOOHOO, PA Day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO sleeping in til ten!! =D