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Monday, May 26, 2008

In Which He Reminds Me of Other BlogDogs

And also, I don't know why but I keep calling him Hobbs for no reason whatsoever.

p.s. Jenny in case you check your stats, that link is the reason why I was creeping through all your archives :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ravine Adventure

Today I brought Boss over to my friend's house and the three of us went exploring down at the ravine. It was a gorgeous day and we spent two hours just wandering around on trails. Boss loved it, scurrying around taking in all the sights and smells.

We cut through the little neighbourhood park and Boss was scared of these stairs but after some coaxing he ran up them with no problems. We followed this trail at first which led to this dead end but at least we got a pretty picture out of it. The dirty river in which we wanted to see some wildlife but only saw ducks and a frog. We were hoping to see a beaver but couldn't find any dams.That little green splotch near the edge of the water is the cute little frog we found. On one of the trails we stumbled across this cool log bridge thing and Boss just bounded across like it wasn't even there, so I made him go back so we could take a picture :P

It was a great day minus the bugs that thought it would be a brilliant idea to fly into my mouth, yuck. Tomorrow we're off to the mall to buy a birthday present, so that should be something to do at least.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


For the first time in four months, I have a foster puppy again!! Only to babysit for a week, but still it has been a welcome change in the house. It's funny how having a dog again puts everyone in a better mood.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce everyone to Boss! Sam and Wylie are off on a superfun adventure, and we'd like to wish them a safe flight and trip.
Boss and I didn't do much today, just hung out and got used to each other. We played in the backyard quite a bit and took a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood. I took him with me to pick my sister up from Pathfinders and he was a big hit with the moms while we were waiting. The janitor, upon passing him snoozing bellyup during the wait remarked "Wow at first I thought his jacket said Future Guard Dog....he wasn't doing a very good job at that!" No,but he IS a darn good future dogguide!!
Already I love Boss and I've decided I'm going to tell Sam he ran away so I can keep him. He makes me laugh all the time, especially when he runs up, tail wagging a mile a minute grinning a big huge doggie grin because he managed to stuff two tennis balls in his mouth and looks like a chipmunk.
He's made friends with my bird Skye and can often be seen lying in front of her cage watching her move around. The cutest thing is when he stands next to her cage and she walks over to look at him.
I have a semi-busy week planned for the two of us but thanks to the on and off rain we've been getting, some things might not work out, but I'll try my best to post regularly about the adventures we get up to!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Downtown Adventures

Yesterday was one of the funnest days I've had in a while. I hadn't seen Sam since Fielder's graduation THREE MONTHS ago which I think is a record for how long we've gone without a visit. So needless to say I was very excited to spend the whole day wandering around downtown Toronto with Sam, Wylie and Boss yesterday.
After finishing a round of the Eaton's Centre within half an hour we stood there at a loss as to what else we could do. Being the very indecisive people we are (Jo, reminiscent of the day at Disneyland going 'What ride do you wanna go on?' 'I dunno, what ride do you wanna go on' :P), we ended up wandering around outside for awhile before Sam took out her GPS and we set out to find geocaches.
Let's just say we weren't very successful, although it was a lot of fun. We ended up walking to the SkyDome (recently redone by Rogers and renamed the Rogers Centre but I refuse to call it that):

the CN Tower (the little black specks would be the dogs):a park by the CBC building where the puppies took a break (I think Wylie's trying to tell me she doesn't want to be photographed):and finally, the Hockey Hall of Fame (again, Wylie with the sticky out tongue):

We then stopped for lunch, where Boss helped Sam with her banking.

Through the course of the day, we had several interesting conversations with people about the program and the puppies. All you puppy raisers know the "routine" Q&A we normally have, but today we managed to run into and have rather long conversations with people who had different questions. Amongst these were a couple from England who raised eight dogs for GDBA (my personal favourite of the day), a lady who wanted to leave her estate to Dogguides, some very enthusiastic Disney store employees ("Feel free to come back whenever you want!!! The puppies are more than welcome here!" :)) and two friends, one who fell in love with Wylie and the other who was insistent that Boss was going to attack him (while the big goof was lying bellyup for a quick snooze).

We finished off the day with a quick visit to Dee's to see West, Wylie's brother. It was quite fun and the three puppies had tons of fun chasing each other around the backyard.

And lastly, a cute one of winking Wylie:

At the end of the day, I was exhausted ( since I woke up at the early, early hour of 9), and we had walked for 6 hours all around downtown although I couldn't have had a better time talking and laughing with Sam. Yay for awesome reunions!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Science Centre Adventures!

December 31, 2007 (Yes, I know....I am a horrible blogger)
What better way to end the year than a Samysnat get-together at one of the coolest places ever? Not only is the Ontario Science Centre an interesting place for humans, it has more than enough stimulation and encounters for not-so-little puppies in training. It was a particularly nice trip because all four of us had puppies that had come home for the holidays- Juneau, Cliff, Zoom and Fielder grew up together and it was nice to have them together once again.
We went through all the exhibits, including my favourite, the Sports Hall, and there were many photo opportunities we took advantage of:
Sam: I hope I'm doing this right!
Me: Well as long as her future handler's not an expert in ancient mayan writing, I think you're good.

All the pups in front of my favourite exhibit-a really old tree!

Sam and Amy working on lacing shoelaces with altered vision.

The giant with the two tiny dogs.

Look at Junie's ADORABLE feathery tail!

Fielder and I :)

Sam, me and AmyB

Cliff the exhibitionist!

Sam and Junes Smooshyface Hobbes

Fielder and Junie on the stairs outside

And finally, at the end of a long but very enjoyable day of walking around with our best friends and being exposed to new situations, Fielder passed out....

As every puppy raiser knows, a tired puppy is a good puppy!