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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Wildly Exciting Night in Res

Me: Hmmm what tv show shall we watch..
Me: AND Paralyzed and Pregnant on TLC!

Score! The rest of the night was spent wrapped up in blankets while switching between those two shows and then America's Best Dance Crew 3. We basically rock at life.

Please kiss your puppies for me...I think I'm going through extreme dog withdrawal, judging by how loudly I screamed the other day when I saw a guide dog from Leader Dogs.

Mini Tip of the Day: Don't touch box jellyfish. It'll probably kill you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tip of the Day

Don't skip class because karma will most definitely get you back.

Last night we had a big snowstorm, followed by rain and very cold temperatures so today the road conditions were awful- half slush, half ice all covered in snow, so the police were warning people to stay off the roads. As such, the university closed until 11:30 am. Guess what time my classes start? 11:30 am. I didn't mind going to my Animal Behaviour class because it's my favourite, but seeing as how it was disgusting outside and no one had really shown up to class anyways, I decided to skip my other class of the day because I hate it.

BAD IDEA. My computer (whose name is Helga) completely flipped out when I got back; none of my programs were responding and everything kept freezing. So I restarted my computer about twenty times and uninstalled and reinstalled MSN which seemed to be causing the most trouble. Nothing. Worked. I ran a scan every time I restarted and checked some nerd forums for solutions and basically nothing happened until the thirtieth time I restarted/scanned about eleven hours later. So that was a fantastic way to spend my day. (Disclaimer: I don't actually believe that the fact that I skipped one class caused my computer to implode and fake death, but seriously- thanks for the heart attack, Helga!)

I guess according to this post it wouldn't be wise to skip class again tomorrow, but my friends and I are all doing it to watch the inauguration. In my defense, Helga, it is a historical event that is way more important than one silly Lit class. If I don't blog again for awhile, cross your fingers it's not because my computer hates my life and tried to teach me a lesson.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Matching Day

Also known as "How I Remain a PR Nerd Despite Not Having a Puppy"

Sam and I realized a while ago that we have the same shirt from Dogguides and so we decided to wear it on the same day. I had forgotten mine at home last semester, so this time I made sure to bring it back to school with me and today we had Matching Day!
Here I am in my awesome shirt! Lesson of the day: It is ridiculously hard to take pictures of yourself in a mirror. I have about thirty outtakes, and this one is where I just got frustrated with everything and decided to make faces at the camera instead: It's hard to go from being involved with the program and having a puppy to only hearing of events and other peoples' puppies, so when I get lonely from being puppyless I look at my doggies and they never fail to make me smile.Not only do they represent guide dogs, they are very special to me because of who they came from. The GDB puppy was a present from Sam while she was in San Rafael doing her internship and the puppy on the right is a "Fielder" from Amy B that has a handmade HED jacket which Amy G helped with, so seeing them reminds me of some of my favourite people in the world. (And yes, they live on my textbooks. Actually, all my other textbooks had to move to other places so GDB puppy and Fielder could have a cozy, educational home).
When I was removing the tag from the GDB puppy, I realized it said Douglas and I actually laughed out loud thinking of Emily's Douglas. (Notice my animal behaviour textbook chilling in the background...best course EVER)So cute! I love the little logo and how it says "Working DO NOT PET" on the jacket. Speaking of which, I got a Christmas e-mail from Fielder's handler and he is doing very well! Good to know 'my' baby is loved and working away happily.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Plan B

It seems to be Sam's and my tradition to have crazy outings - whether it's being with a million dogs and people, going on 3 hour long treks without any planned destination, spending a day city hopping or plans going awry, we always manage to have a spectacularly epic and hilarious time.

On New Year's day, Bea and I were very excited to start off 2009 by having lunch/dinner (linner?) with Sam and Friday at the Rainforest Cafe. However, that plan was dashed when we were not allowed in with the dogs despite talking to two different people. Although I understand we are not legally allowed access, it frustrates me when people don't get that in order for these working dogs to behave as exceptionally well as they do, they need to learn how to behave this way through lots of practice as puppies. We even explained about the whole PIT deal and the restaurant was almost completely empty with no one waiting to be seated either. In the end, we left and although I used to love the Rainforest Cafe, I don't intend on going back.

Being good puppies on the escalator leaving the mall- Friday has very good timing on when to shake!

Thankfully, we moved on to Plan B and headed on downtown where we did the scramble crossing outside the Eaton's Centre (twice! So we could take pictures of each other- yes we are dorks but at least we are awesome!) and took pictures down the street from the Canon Theatre, where I first saw Wicked. Sorry, it's a little far away but it's the vertical flashy sign kind of to the left of the green circle Parking sign.

We then went to the Pickle Barrel where we were almost refused again, but we asked to speak to the manager at the main entrance. Thankfully when we got to the main entrance we didn't have to speak to anyone and were seated after a short wait. The puppies passed out with Bea using Friday as a pillow.

Downtown with a polar bear!Note to self- black dogs and dark jackets are not a good combination for picture taking.

We subwayed back uptown to pick up Sam's car and drove to our friend Dee's house. It was so much fun visiting with her and the puppies had quite the blast as well.
This 'picture' is for Lindsey - um, I promise this is O'Connor Street, but my camera had a fail of epic proportions in regards to capturing the actual street sign. Someday we'll go back and take a real picture of it!

After that we headed back to my house for a sleepover. As usual we had a fun time watching How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris love!!), clips of Wicked on YouTube and listened to Rent music. (Again, we embrace the dorkitude).
The most exciting parts were definitely planning out our roadtrips to New York to see Wicked on Broadway and either Schenectady or Rochester to catch Rent on tour with Anthony Rapp (my other love of life) and Adam Pascal. Any New Yorkers and of course any other bloggers are more than welcome to join us! We'll be trying our best to bring Friday and Fiyero along. (Fiyero of course as he is named for the character in Wicked and Friday we want to bring to eat at-what else? a TGI Friday's). After all that, I was a true dork and showed Sam the Idina Menzel forums I stalk regularly because I love her so, and in our manicness,we decided Sam should start her own boards! I'm on it already so I think all of you should join as well.

Then I decided to give Bea a little trim as her fur was getting long enough to obstruct her eyesight. Well I trimmed a little off the front ....then a little off the middle of the pouf...and of course had to match the back. All in all, I don't think it looks too bad but Sam spent a lot of time laughing at it. In my defense, it's not any worse than anything Amy ever did to her first poodle Clifford.
Also we found a pink sweater in the bag of things Amy brought over for Bea so we decided to put that on the dogs. Bea ran around with it alright, but when I put it on Friday she looked at me with very big sad eyes. Being a blogger, I had to take a picture before taking the pink flowery torture device off.

Then some random very cute pictures of Friday:
And off to sleep. The dogs had a nice little play before Sam left the next morning and then Bea passed out for most of the rest of the day. This was definitely one of my very favourite days of my break, and I can't wait until the summer for more adventuretimes with Sam!