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Friday, October 31, 2008

To Days of Inspiration...

Five points to anyone who can guess what song my title came from!
I was at the poster sale today and was SO happy when I found this poster!!!!!!! Rent is one of my all time favourite musicals and movies, not to mention it has the amazing Idina Menzel in it.

The poster is currently hanging up beside my desk right now and I love it :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heading to the States!!

This year, my friends and I joined our school's chapter of Habitat for Humanity. One of our friends joined last year and had the time of his life on the annual Reading Week trip build. It's a week long build where you build during the day and at night have free time to explore the culture and attractions of the place.

I've always wanted to work with Habitat, and this chance seemed too perfect to pass up. We applied and a few days ago, we found out that we all got a spot on this year's build!!!! It was orignially planned for New Orleans, which would've been awesome because we would've been there over Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, we were told we couldn't take 150 people there on this build. Fortunately, we got another build site, so in February, we will be off to Biloxi, Mississippi!!!

I am beyond excited for this trip and can't wait for Reading Week to come!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dorky Post Ahead

For the first time in my life I was eligible to vote and I did! Although no one clapped for me like they did for Amy...

Still totally worth it though ;) I was never one to be very involved in politics but a few years ago I realized I was missing out on a huge piece of the world by not being educated on what the government was doing when they control so much of my life and the world around me. Also, I realized if I were to go into journalism I really needed to understand and know what was going on in our own government. So I started reading all the boring articles I used to skip in the newspaper, and sometimes I still do because seriously- some of them are narcolepsy-inducing. But I finally had a handle on what was going on in Ottawa and this year, I made an informed voting decision and although I didn't expect it, it felt really good to know I made a difference. Not to mention it felt REALLY good when the person I voted for won in my riding ;)

Also? Don't want to get too in depth into politics here, as this blog is supposed to be about adorable puppies and working dogs, but I just want to put it out there that I am NOT impressed with another Conservative minority government. And way to go Ontario- a traditional Liberal stronghold for the past decade and a half unexpectedly giving the Conservatives 51 seats? Way to vote for a party that espouses outdated ideology, has a terrible platform, and oh yeah- has not cared about you until they realized they kinda needed you to win. At least it's not a Conservative majority government. And for the record, Mr. Harper? Ordinary Canadian citizens DO care about the arts.

But anyways, there's my dorky PSA for everyone- get out there and VOTE. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a democratic society. We have the right to pick who we want to govern and represent us. Don't take it for granted. Gratuitous cute puppy picture! (aka please still love me despite random boring political post)

p.s. Fun fact!: The fire alarm went off last night at 4 a.m. Do you know what it's like outside at 4 a.m. in October? The answer would be very, very cold.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tip of the Day

When your laundry stubbornly remains wet after two cycles through the dryer, instead of having a spazztic ragefest, try calming down by looking at the pretty leaves outside your window with your best friends....

And if your friends have all deserted you to go home for Thanksgiving since they don't live three provinces away like you do, look at pictures from yesterday and pretend this is what you're doing:
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian bloggers! Enjoy the long weekend and hug all your puppies for me :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Surprise! Two Months in Advance...

This blog is being ridiculously boring, and I apologize...school is taking over my life and I hope to be able to post some very overdue trip posts soon! But for now....

I finalized my puppy plans for CHRISTMAS today! I will be puppysitting a little cutie over my entire Christmas break, and I could not be happier!

I am going to leave you guessing until shortly before December 15 (or until I get permission from the family to post which dog it is) ...but rest assured it is a blog dog you will probably all recognize! :)