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Monday, June 26, 2006

New Blogs!!

There has been an explosion in puppy blogs lately that Petey and I are very excited about. We LOVE reading about other puppies in training/working dogs, especially ones from different schools!

So far we have discovered:

Puppies in training:

Amber and Chris (yellow-browinsh-reddish lab) - Guide Dogs for the Blind

Chandler (goldendoodle, arriving in four days! Countdown on!) - Guide Dogs of America

Alma and Aiobe (black lab) - Canine Companions for Independence

And our friends who are an actual working dogguide team:

Crystal and HED Nelson (poodle cross) - Lions Foundation of Canada, Dogguides

As you can see, quite an assortment of schools, and every single one of these blogs are awesome!
Thanks to Amber and Chris- Since you have all the links there I went back and forth from your site to get all the stuff for this post! (this is also a way to let you know that I'm not stalking you every other minute of the day =P) Also, we love the background song!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday, Petey and I participated in an event in Oshawa. Dr. Tom Hogg, a vet and a Mason, raised $45000 for our foundation, which could sponsor SEVEN whole dogs! It was amazing to see the presentation of the cheque, and the demo done by one of the trainers and a CVC was great as well.

Petey and I went to Dee and Fortune's before so they could have a play together before we caught the train and then bus to Whitby where Joanne with Easton would pick us up.

Though Petey and Fortune were very good on the train/bus, Dee and I accidentally got off one stop too early, in Ajax, thinking that it was Whitby. So of course we were just waiting around for Joanne until this lady told us that we were actually in Ajax. (I blame this all on Dee! =P) After we figured everything out, Dee called Joanne's house and she came to pick us up in Ajax.

I laughed when I saw how this picture turned out- Fortune's eyes reminded me of another Mis(s) Fortune's!

When we got to memorial Park in Oshawa, we met up with AmyG and Echo, AmyB and Winter and Poley, LynnG with Eden, and some other dogs as well including two CVC (Canine Vision) teams. We had a great time talking with people who were interested in the foundation, and I must say Petey was a hit as one of only two small breed dogs there. Thankfully, he was well-behaved in front of one of the trainers who came to represent the school.

It was very very hot, but I kept cool with a freezie. AmyG and I jumped on one of those bouncy castles thing. The best part of that was some kid who offered to give another kid the "SuperBounce", promising that it "wouldn't hurt". Well wouldn't you know it, the kid basically just held the other kid upside down and dropped him on his head. That kid got up and siad "That hurt!" and the dropper said "Really?" and bounced away. I think that's when I had to leave from laughing too much.

I think the best part of the whole entire day, though, was when one man came up to me and Petey and asked "Is that dog going to be for a dwarf?" to which I answered "Yes, we DO get a lot of blind dwarf clients". Just kidding, I said "Nope, he'll be in Hearing Ear or Seizure Response".

We had lots and lots of fun, but we have to say that we wish Sam and Patience had been there as well. At least we both had fun on our trips, and we'll see you guys soon!

Thanks to Dr.Hogg and the Masons for supporting our school in such a great way- seven dogguides and $3000 for 30 harnessses!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Pretty Sure It's Illegal For Him to be This Cute

Don't you just want to smoosh him up and put him in your pocket for safekeeping?

Monday, June 12, 2006

You Know You're an Animal Lover When..

Instead of reading one of your many chick lit books before bed like a normal teenaged girl, you're reading Animal Wellness Magazine

....And committing the 15 signs of cancer to memory for future referals

Here's your Tip of the Day:

Do not EVER mix your ice cream with noodles and coffee slushie and eat it the night you have to do a music ISU, even if it is a dare from one of your favourite cousins- it WILL cause major stomach problems, which won't help you along when you're trying to analyze a piece by Franz Joseph Haydn
(Not that I did that or anything...)

Monday, June 05, 2006

CN Tower Invasion!

Yesterday, Petey and I went on another exciting puppy trip. We wish every day could be a puppy trip day!!

This time, it was in Toronto- the CN Tower! This group was a bit smaller than usual, but still just as fun! Petey and I met Missy and new foster puppy (chocolate lab) Tetley at Missy's house. This was Tetley's first puppy trip, she is ten weeks old. Petey and Tetley met the previous weekend, and have decided to be an official couple.

We met up with Dee with Fortune, Lynn with Eden, Joanne with Easton, Amy with Echo, Della with Betty, Sam with Calvin and Patience, LynnT with Neptune, and a couple with a yellow lab named Dreyfus (but they had to leave early). At first I thought Amy was really excited to see me because when she approached our group she started going "Oh my god! Oh my god!!" But then she bent down beside me, and I realized it was not me she loved, it was teensy Tetley, who admittedly, is a tad cuter than I am.

We then proceeded to Union Station, where I bought some McDonalds, settled in beside Della, Sam, Betty, Patience, Calvin, and promptly dropped a nugget. Thanks for laughing at me Sam, it really made my day.

After lunch, we got to the CN Tower and had fun walking around the top floor and then going to the Glass Floor where Della nearly passed out. The puppies actually had no trouble with the floor at all! Go puppies!

Yes that is me making a complete fool of myself in public- as usual. And sorry for the glare in the second picture...I wish I had been able to get a better picture of Petey on the glass floor :(

After the CN Tower, we sat around outside chatting, and when a tourist asked to pet the dogs, and Lynn replied "You can pet the dogs if you take our picture for us!" And so some random person stayed with us for 15 minutes taking lots of pictures!

All in all, a very successful and awesome fun trip!! A million thanks to our POOP (Puppy Outing Organizer Person) LynnG for organizing everything, and to everyone who attended for making me laugh all day....especially AmyG, with your crazy Cinnabon obsession...and Della "Nat, give me your gun!"...and Sam...just for being Sam! =)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why Does This Happen EVERY Time??

I set out to PetsMart with ONE thing on my list- a new leash.

I came home with two bags of Soft and Chewy MilkBones (to stock up!), a purple frisbee (if there's anything my dog can do, it's jump), a bag of four beef flavoured bones (again, stocking up!), a leopard-print squeaky bone (what's one more toy?) , the leash (black with white bones on it), and one VERY wet puppy (and let me tell you, Petey, it is NOT appreciated when you jump into my lap in the car after splashing through five puddles and been thoroughly licked over by several dogs).

The total cost? Thirty seven dollars.

I'm thinking that it's a really good thing I love this puppy.