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Friday, March 31, 2006

Backyard Escapades

Yesterday when Petey was playing in the yard, our neighbour's one year old golden retriever was out as well. She is a beautiful dark golden colour and her name is Hailey. We're pretty friendly with our neighbours- before we had Petey, the family used to invite us to the backyard to play with Hailey, and we've known Hailey ever since she was brought home as a little fluffy pup. She even played with Kodak when he was here.

Anyways, as they were both playing on their respective sides, I noticed a small hole under the fence. As if they had sensed my eyes looking that way, both puppies discovered the hole and started digging frantically at it. I pulled Petey away and corrected him for it, but today when we went back, guess what? The hole had gotten bigger and Hailey was out again.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened. One second I was watching Petey play with a stick, next second, I look over and Hailey is half on our side! So I kinda pushed her head back under and left, assuming that if i left, she wouldn't want to come over. Well when i closed the gate, I see her shoot through the hole and run into our yard.

I debated between ringing our neighbour's doorbell and bringing Petey back inside and using his leash to bring Hailey back to her owners. Fortunately, her owner then came back out and saw what had happened. Petey and Hailey ended up playing together for about twenty minutes, with Petey getting extremely dirty by the time they were done. I guess I should clean him up before we head to Oakville tomorrow for the school's Open House lest they think I'm mistreating the little bugger! :D

Also, here are two pictures Sam sent me from the Sportsmen Show:

Petey and godbrother Calvin (and Sam's feet)

The Triangle of Love-Petey, Calvy and Petey's girlfriend Blossom

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Puppy Trip to the ROM!

Today we went on a puppy trip to the ROM- the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown toronto. This was Petey's second time downtown. We love puppy trips and it was very fun today. It lasted for a bit over four hours, so Petey was nice and tired when we got home.

We had a few new dogs along with our "regulars", including two from Petey's puppy class! Coming along today were: Sam with Calvin and Patience, AmyG with Princess Echo, AmyB with Polaris (Larry!!), Missy with Charlotte (Calvin's sister), Dee with Fortune, LynnG with Eden, LynnT with Sonic (a fellow JRT!) and Neptune, Kelly with Ashley, Della with Betty, Lauren with Bean, Kelly with Denver, and Joanne with Easton.

So we met at Main Station at around 12 and off we headed to St.George Station. We grabbed a bite to eat at Timmy's and wet to the ROM, where they were very nice and gave us complimentary admission! We wandered around in the same exhibit for a while and traded off puppies, but then somehow Missy, AmyG, AmyB, Sam and I with Polaris, Fortune, Denver, Echo and Neptune in tow wandered off by ourselves. The exhibits were pretty good and the mummy was pretty cool, even though AmyB and I figured out it was giving us "THE toe" (as opposed as the finger ;) Yeah we're cool like that)

One of the best moments was definitely when we were at the exit of the bat cave and AmyG screamed when the automatic doors opened. That was hilarious! Made it through the freaky bat cave, especially with Missy taunting us the whole way through, but when the automatic doors opened, it was too much to handle! :P I'm sure I'm going to get an angry comment from her tomorrow :)

Anyways, here are some pictures from today:

Petey loves Echo! --- Nope, not the washroom! ;)

Pretty Fortune! --- the Amys and the Jacks

Echo's mug shot --- Me and Patience!! <33

Petey passed out

p.s. Thank you Amy for letting Petey borrow Katie/Elvis's collar- the neon happy faces suit him well :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tennis Ball Fun!

Petey's new favourite toy of the day is his tennis ball. Or tennis balls i should say. I don't really know why but i have a bag of about 10 tennis balls in the closet so when i thought his first ball had gone missing today, I pulled out the bag. Man, you should have seen Petey's tail wagging!
I brought out two more tennis balls and we had a fun time playing with them.

A couple of times, they rolled under my bookshelf and it was really interesting to watch Petey try different ways of getting them out. Most of the time he would try to paw them out but sometimes he would get really frustrated and start barking at them.

Here are a few pictures of Petey having fun with his tennis balls:

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Congrats Amy and Crispy!!

Today AmyG's first foster puppy, Crispy, who is a chocolate lab is graduating as an HED-a Hearing Ear Dog. I met Crispy only a few times, but she is a very special puppy, and I'm sure she will be a great dogguide. Amy did a fantastic job with Crispy, and Crispy loved her sooooo much. Yay Amy!

Congratulations Amers and Crispers!

Hugs and puppy kisses! We love you! :D

*Scroll down to witness my historic first double post for this blog! :D*

Sportsmen Show

Today and yesterday were very eventful days for Petey and I. We went to represent the Lion's Foundation at their booth at the Sportsmen Show which took place at the Exhibition Place. I am so happy I didn't die or get lost- I have never gone downtown by myself before. Yeah, it's kind of sad since I've lived here all my life. But whatever...I survived!!!

Yesterday was not as eventful as today- today was a million times funner because I went with people that i knew and i rode there and back with someone too. Yesterday we were there with Corbin, Colby and Newman, all yellow labs. Today we were there with Missy and Blossom (Petey's girlfriend), and Sam and my godson Calvin. Later, AmyB came with Echo (she took Princess Echwee today because it's Crispy's grad), Lynn came with Naveed and Eden, and another foster family we kind of know, Steve came with Oxford.

Petey had a lot of fun with his godbrother Calvin. He was definitely the most handsome poodle there. Calvin is Petey's favouritest poodley friend. They play nice with each other with a few exceptions :P Together, Petey, Calvin and Blossom make up what Sam calls the "Triangle of Love", which is a perfect description of the three of them today.

We mostly just hung around our booth, talking to people who were interested in the foundation and people who wanted to pet the dogs. We did take a quick look at other booths in the dog section. There were some breed clubs, like for the Labs, but there were also different booths for different things, such as golden retriever rescue, hunting dogs, and another guide dog organization- National Service Dogs. Yesterday Petey was ok-behaved, he didn't get along too well with Corbin. Today, though, was a different story. He was almost perfect, the best I have seen him since the day I brought him home. He either sat or laid down the entire time, and was great with children.

On an unfortunate note, Blossom, a ten month old black lab, has many many boyfriends (Calvin was her "original"), but promised that today she would be all Petey's. Except she broke her promise and cheated on him with Calvin! Petey's feelings were hurt and he wouldn't curl up with her on the subway on the way home. That should teach her! Petey has now moved on to either Genie, a standard poodle, or a hot little dachshund we met at the show.

Yesterday was his first time on the subway and streetcar. Though he did well, I'm sure he had more fun today with his friend Blossom. I certainly had more fun talking to Missy than staring at the ground.

I unfortunately did not take my camera along with me, so pictures will be posted when I steal some from Sam and Missy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Health Problems

So it seems little Petey has some health problems-namely, allergies.

Yesterday we spent the entire morning in Oakville-a great city, right Sam? ;) First we went to the vet, and then the foundation and then a mall, Oakville Place, to get lunch.

The vet's was quite an interesting experience. My poor baby had to get FOUR needles and TWO skin scrapes on his face! He was a good sport though, and the staff all wanted to take him home- I nearly let them! haha, no, I'm just kidding. The most interesting part was when a feral cat shot out of the room in front of us. I swear it blew a raspberry at me!! I don't think I've ever picked Petey up that fast before. Apparently, the clinic, in addition to working with Dogguides also works with an animal shelter-they were about to prep this cat to be spayed when it ran out. As we were leaving, they were trying to poke her out from under a shelf with a broom. Quite interesting.

Also, the vet said she wasn't sure if Petes was allergic to the Chicken and Rice so we switched him over to the Lamb and Rice and he's on antihistamines for 3 weeks. However, last night he broke out in red splotches all over, and I was convinced he was having a deadly reaction to the vaccines and freaked the hell out. Even more so when my parents didn't want to take him to the emergency vet. Good think Sam and Crystal were on MSN; they tried to rationalize me a bit :P (thanks guys! I owe you one!) I stayed up until 3 in the morning with him, and by morning it had gone down a little and by evening it had gone away completely.

BUT- yes there's always a but...and a butt for the most part (haha! Right..I'm sixteen, NOT six)- tonight when i gave him his antihistamine a few red splotches reappeared, though definitely not as severe as last night's so I'm wondering if he's slightly allergic to the antihistamine too. Or is he allergic to his Lamb and Rice Pro Plan diet? Sometimes it is so frustrating, but time will tell. The main thing I am worried about is if it is a severe allergy, because if it is there is a possibility he could be DQ'd for that, although I am trying to stay optimistic about it.

Anywho, after that we went to the foundation and picked up the Lamb and Rice. Petey found a stuffed tiger toy on the floor and he got to work killing it while we waited for our puppy supervisor. Also, while we were waiting for the receptionist to appear, my mom noticed some people in a room so she was like "hi, excuse me.." No response. So she tried again. Until we realized it was the HED class, and so of course nobody could hear her! Stupid me, I should have gone over to see if Crispy was there, but I didn't. Crispy is Amy's first foster puppy and will be graduating on THURSDAY!!

After that, we went to the mall to eat lunch where Petey was a hit with a few toddlers. He seems to attract many little kids and elderly people. We even met one woman who said she was interested in fostering as soon as her daughter got older.

In other news (how many people are left? Sorry for the long post), Petey lost his other front tooth so now it is extra cute, but he won't let me take any pictures because he is being a fussy brat tonight.

Well tomorrow we are off to represent the Lions Foundation and Jack Russells everywhere at the Sportsmen Show. Hopefully I will survive and be able to come back and tell you all about it :) I am quite worried I will get lost on the way there, but oh well. I'm adaptable...I can always become a bum and use Petey's cuteness as a means for getting money.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Milestone

On Thursday, Petey lost his first tooth!! In the afternoon, I had noticed some blood on his toy, so I suspected that he lost his first tooth because he had started teething a few days earlier. (Poo, back to the nipping, though this time it's not really his fault).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the tooth, because it's really really tiny and I think he probably swallowed it. But I got a picture of his mouth minus one tooth; it's cute because it's the one in the very centre that's missing.

I am extremely happy because this week is March Break and I will be very busy NOT doing homework, along with doing some other cool stuff.Tomorrow we are going into Oakville for Petey's vet appointment and to the foundation to exchange his food since he is probably allergic to the chicken. After that, we will probably go shopping! Three hours of mall work = one very tired puppy! :D On Wednesday and Thursday, we will be going to the CNE downtown to the Sportsmen Show since the foundation has a booth there.

And to cap off the post, here's Petey on his way to toothlessness! (Don't mind my PJ's :P)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Petey at Work

This is one of my favourite pictures of Petey because I don't have many of Petey in his jacket and working. He is a bit, shall we say, rambunctious, and I don't often have moments to take pictures of him while he is working.

However, AmyB must be smarter than me, because she managed to sneak a picture of him while she was working him.

I wished he behaved as angelic (angelically?) as he looks in this picture all the time!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jekyll and Hyde

Here are two pictures of Petey which show complete different sides of him:

This is Petey showing his true, and most displayed self: mischievous, smart, and so damn cute. He had stolen a tissue, and knowing he had been bad, but still wanting the tissue, he ran into a little shelf thing in my room, which is also a bit like a crate only really really tiny. So after he smushed himself inside, I had to take a picture before trying to correct him without cracking up.

Here is Petey at his most unusual: quiet and playing by himself? Unheard of! I wish I could take credit for this gorgeous picture, but my eleven year old sister Emily took it. As you might have guessed, Petey is not one for languishing in the sun, chewing on his squeaky when he can be bouncing around the house, but there you go.