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Friday, July 25, 2008

An Exciting Review of My Week!

I know, just what you've all been waiting for!

So on Saturday Amy came and picked up Aspen in spite of my threatening to run away to California. I was puppyless for only a few days though as I met up with Sam and Boss on Tuesday at Eatons. After that we hit up the ROM where we had fun dressing Boss up as I had dressed up Aspen. I believe Sam has the pictures of Bat-Boss and Ladybug-Boss on her blog, but here's adorable DinoBoss! After that, we came home, tried to find a geocache (no success unfortunately), and watched lots of Wicked videos on Youtube and then several episodes of our favourite show, How I Met Your Mother! Boss, meanwhile, was snoozing away on a pillow/cushion thing in a corner of my room.The next morning, after waking up to my sweet chicken alarm clock (it sounds like a crowing rooster!!) we headed to meet Crystal and her CVC Toby at Union and then Missy, Kanga and Kongo at the Science Centre. It was absolutely insane in there with a million and one camp kids running around and screaming. Missy and I ended up hiding in the soundproof tunnel for a while just to escape the noise. But the puppies were all very good at focusing on working.

I got to walk Kanga so I helped her write this entry for the comment box. (The blob is an outline of her pawprint...I didn't do a very good job haha)L-R Boss, Kongo, Kanga and Toby in front of my favourite exhibit - the big tree!! Since all our puppies were black I joked to Missy that we should tell people all the puppies are black and then when they turn yellow we know they're ready to be trained ;)Me and the K sibs (and some rando kids) on some space rover thing in the Mars exhibit!

I was sad to see Sam go after as we had yet another superfun sleepover, but I saw her again for a few minutes on Friday when she dropped Boss off. Yep, I have the Bossman again! For two weeks, while Sam is on her internship in California! Have fun Sam!! Last night I brought Boss with me and my friends to watch Mamma Mia. Neither Boss or I really liked it but the difference was that I didn't come home with half a sticky head.

And lastly, my newest obsession- WICKED and Idina Menzel. Ever since our trip to Buffalo to watch Wicked I've become re-obsessed and then a couple weeks ago I discovered Idina's (the original Broadway and London Elphaba, Maureen in Rent) music and that led to a Wicked/Idina playlist on my iTunes that has been on repeat 24/7 ever since. I am so very, very glad I have Sam and Jo and a couple other friends to blather on about this with because none of my other friends understand the awesomeness of it all. I think I would actually die if I got to meet Idina and I wanted to drive to Detroit (only six hours!) for her August 7 concert but my parents won't let me....and as of now she's scheduled to come to Toronto in October/November while I'm away at school! Grrrr! But anyways, check out her songs Brave and I Stand because they're seriously amazing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watching the World Go By <3

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day at the ROM

We've had some out of town guests visiting for the past week so a couple days ago, Aspen and I took them to the Royal Ontario Museum for some educational fun! (I know I'm a dork).

We wandered through the Darwin Exhibit first, and one of the workers suggest I dress Appy up, so this is how I passed a half hour:
Ladybug Aspen!
Dinosaur Aspen! Butterfly Aspen! (You can see she's starting to get a little um...tired of the dress-up games and entertaining the many people watching so I didn't even get to dress her up as a bat).

This is Aspen and I with two Galapagos tortoises! She wasn't very interested in them, although she sniffed the display like crazy at first. I named the boy tortoise Marvin but my friend who works in the exhibit says their names are actually Tank and Penelope.

We then hit up the dinosaur exhibit where Aspen was once again extremely unimpressed since these weren't bones she could chew on ;) Nevertheless, she posed for approximately a million pictures like a good girl.

Aspen with some of her new friends-doesn't she look absolutely enthralled??

This bear, although not really an exhibit is one of my favourite things to visit at the ROM just cause it's so cute.

Me and Aspen in front of one of the statues at Museum Station in the subway at the end of the day. Aspen was pretty well-behaved and was a fantastic ambassador for our school. I'm quite certain we were viewed as our own little travelling exhibit. We talked to many people, gave out cards and kisses (me with the former, Aspen with the latter) and generally had a really fun day out.

I am really enjoying having Aspen here, she is such a sweetie and very well behaved. Joanna, I may just take you up on your offer to run away to California before Amy comes back. Also, I completed the final road test for my driving license today and PASSED!! So I now have my full license and can drive wherever and whoever and whenever I want! Yippee!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worst Job Ever

Trying to find a poo in the dark while wearing flipflops.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ByeBye Boss

Sam came to pick le Bossinator up yesterday so I am back down to one labby running around the house. (Or more accurately- lazing around the house). Boss and Aspen really enjoyed their time together and spent most of it frolicking (read: leaving a path of destruction via tail swinging and bodychecking) around the house.
They were so good together, it was a pleasure having the both of them over. Plus they tired each other out much better than I could tire even just one of them out. Not to mention that they are both such b-e-a-uuuutiful puppies! Boss with his shiny shiny fur and big blocky head and puppyish look certainly garnered many comments on his "classic Lab" features on our outings. And Aspen- what a unique looking dog with her streaked fur, yellow eyes (telltale sign that she's actually a Twilight vampire dog-I'm hoping Edward will come looking for her ;)), nosehawk and the softest brown ears ever.
Though it was sad to see Boss go, I was very happy to hang out with Sam for a while and get to meet her puppysittee Pesto! Adorable little dude :) This is the only "good" picture I have of him as every time I pointed the camera in his direction, he came running. It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Super Pesto!!!

Goodbye for now Bossman , and hope to see you again soon!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Evil Dead: The Musical!

Yesterday Boss and I joined seven of my friends in going downtown and watching one of the musicals playing there right now-Evil Dead. (Based on the movies if anyone has seen them before).I'd gone a few weeks ago when my friend was up visiting and I loved it so much I dragged my friends to another show. It's a musical about five college students that break into a cabin to stay in for spring break and accidentally unleash evil spirits and turn into demons. It is absolutely hilarious!
I was very proud of Boss during the show- he got restless a few times but settled down quickly everytime. Most of all I was proud of him because he didn't make a peep or startle at the rifle shots, strobe lights, screaming, door banging, loud music, people "dying" and the audience cheering.

Having a quick cuddle during intermission. Right after this was taken he licked my whole face, blech ;)Boss being a good boy on the train on the way home...very good tuck-in!

As for our special guest- it is none other than the gorgeous little Miss Aspen! Amy's off camping and causing trouble for a bit so I have Aspy for the next week and a half! She is such a sweetie and just calling her name will get her tail and whole butt wagging a mile a minute. She and Boss adore each other, although we had a few humping issues in the beginning. But Aspen put Boss in his place and that was that. This morning they ran around the backyard together for a few hours and then we went to the mall. (I had my friend come with me and she walked Aspen).

As you can see they were a tad tired and took to napping whenever me and my friend stopped to browse. They were both very well-behaved although the Haltis had to make an appearance every once in a while. We brought them to the Disney Store, as Sam and I usually do and all the employees rushed us going "Boss!!!! It's BOSS!!!!!!" He's a real hit in there for sure. Aspen was also introduced and they fawned over her as well.

When we got home the two of them crashed, revived a few minutes for dinner and playing and are now asleep for the night. It's so much fun having the two of them around and they are definitely having fun with each other as well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This and That

This week has been pretty awesome so far, especially since I have the Bossinator with me.
On Monday, some friends of mine from school came to Toronto to visit. They were staying with our other friend so Boss and I went to dinner with them. Last time I had been to this restaurant with Fielder, they were a little mean so I decided to call ahead just in case. I was talking to the person and said I would have a service dog in training with me, and she goes "What?? You're going to have a diabetic?" Umm....no.

Today Boss and I went over to Missy's to hang out and boy did Boss ever get tired out. She currently has both Kanga (her own foster puppy) and AmyB's Kongo while Amy's away at camp. (Yes they are siblings). Despite the extreme heat wave Toronto's going through at the moment the three puppies ran up and down the backyard until they pooped themselves out at which point they each chose a bone and sat with them quietly in the shade. This is the best picture I could get of the three of them. L-R Kongo, Boss, Kanga

The two pretty siblings :) And lastly, for Sam- Kongo randomly puked and it just so happened that Kanga's tail was at the edge of the puddle- so that is a picture of Kongo's puke on her tail.

Tomorrow I have an interview at a vet clinic for a position as a vet assistant, so wish me luck!! Also, look for a special post on Friday about our exciting adventure on Thursday and a new guest in the house!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Boss!

Today is Boss's first birthday!! We didn't do anything special, but he got lots of extra lovin'. We played lots of ball, went on an extralong walk and of course he got treats.

Handsome boy :)

We didn't have a party hat at home, so I decided to make him as colourful as possible! I think a bandanna and two leis should be the new PIT uniform.

For his birthday he got a peanut butter treat sandwich from meand a bone from Sam! He quite thoroughly enjoyed both treats, licking the floor for a long time after :)

Also, in response to comments in my last post, here is the link to the cities the touring company of Wicked are visiting this year. (They also have shows on Broadway and in Chicago, LA, London, Tokyo, Stuttgart and Melbourne!) I strongly recommend you to go see it if you can, I guarantee you won't regret it! And I didn't know all your mail trucks were that size!! They're adorable! I shall try to get a picture of one of ours sometime.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just You And I Defying Gravity

Today definitely makes it into this summer's Top 10 Best Days Ever.

Usually when my alarm goes off early I try to sneak in as many extra minutes of sleep possible, but today I ran out of bed because today was the day Sam and I were going to go to Buffalo to see WICKED!!!!!!
"Welcome to New York- The Empire State" (Dear American readers, why is NY called the Empire State??)

Last week Sam surprised me with a ticket to today's matinee, so today I met up with her in Oakville and we drove about an hour and a half to Buffalo, NY! I don't think Sam and I ever run out of things to talk about- between discussing dogs, telling random hilarious stories and coming up with dog names (VOTE: Grimsby, aka Grimmy- I think it's adorable, Sam hates it) we talked the whole way there and back.

I can cross a life goal off my list now- eating at TGI Fridays! We don't have those in Canada and they always show commercials here which is completely unfair so now I can say I've eaten there. Next on my list is Applebee's and Sonic.
Outside the Shea's Performing Arts Centre :)

When we got to the theatre and went to our seats in the balcony, we found jackets draped over them and a couple told us their friends were in those seats. Confusedly, Sam and I found an usher who told us to go to the box office and tell them we had been given duplicate tickets. After waiting for a few minutes while they discussed the situation, they moved us up to the floor!! We were near the back but it was still a very good view of the stage. The show itself was AMAZING. I had seen it once before a couple years ago when it was here in Toronto but I don't think you could ever see this musical too many times. The singing, the humour, the acting- it was all excellent. I actually got chills during For Good and Defying Gravity because they were so good. I wish they would come back to Toronto so I could see it a million more times. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown Buffalo a bit where we saw:One of the ensemble members and the Fiyero understudy(dude in the black shirt)! Creeper picture courtesy of Sam.The cutest postal service trucks ever!! Look how tiny!!!For all the Twilight fans out there...EDWARD St! (Also for Amber's grandpuppy) After that we headed back home and made it to Oakville in just an hour and fifteen minutes! And as if the day were not awesome enough already, Sam gave me Boss for an indefinite amount of time so I went home leash in hand!!!Welcome back Bossinator!!! SAM- thank you times a SCRILLION for the Wicked ticket (in Joanna's words, "Best friend EVER right there!!!!") and the ride to and from Buffalo. Best. Day. EVER.