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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day at the ROM

We've had some out of town guests visiting for the past week so a couple days ago, Aspen and I took them to the Royal Ontario Museum for some educational fun! (I know I'm a dork).

We wandered through the Darwin Exhibit first, and one of the workers suggest I dress Appy up, so this is how I passed a half hour:
Ladybug Aspen!
Dinosaur Aspen! Butterfly Aspen! (You can see she's starting to get a little um...tired of the dress-up games and entertaining the many people watching so I didn't even get to dress her up as a bat).

This is Aspen and I with two Galapagos tortoises! She wasn't very interested in them, although she sniffed the display like crazy at first. I named the boy tortoise Marvin but my friend who works in the exhibit says their names are actually Tank and Penelope.

We then hit up the dinosaur exhibit where Aspen was once again extremely unimpressed since these weren't bones she could chew on ;) Nevertheless, she posed for approximately a million pictures like a good girl.

Aspen with some of her new friends-doesn't she look absolutely enthralled??

This bear, although not really an exhibit is one of my favourite things to visit at the ROM just cause it's so cute.

Me and Aspen in front of one of the statues at Museum Station in the subway at the end of the day. Aspen was pretty well-behaved and was a fantastic ambassador for our school. I'm quite certain we were viewed as our own little travelling exhibit. We talked to many people, gave out cards and kisses (me with the former, Aspen with the latter) and generally had a really fun day out.

I am really enjoying having Aspen here, she is such a sweetie and very well behaved. Joanna, I may just take you up on your offer to run away to California before Amy comes back. Also, I completed the final road test for my driving license today and PASSED!! So I now have my full license and can drive wherever and whoever and whenever I want! Yippee!!


Blogger thepuppyraiser said...

I just cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled Aspen looks to play dress up and hang out with her museum buddies. I'm pretty sure she's bummed that she didn't get to try the museum costume.

Anyways, have fun with that cutie--I lurves Aspen she's just too cute! And YAY for passing your driver's thing! (How many times have you taken it now? <33 jk)

9:16 p.m.

Blogger Kelsey and Spike said...

It seems as though you had a wonderful time, I'm not sure about Aspen though....Haha just kidding. ;) Yay for no driving restrictions! :D

10:00 p.m.

Blogger Emily and Suede said...

I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see the bat outfit. Come on Aspen, weren't you having fun? haha. Sounds like an awesome day :) And that is great you got you license!

8:24 a.m.


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