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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just You And I Defying Gravity

Today definitely makes it into this summer's Top 10 Best Days Ever.

Usually when my alarm goes off early I try to sneak in as many extra minutes of sleep possible, but today I ran out of bed because today was the day Sam and I were going to go to Buffalo to see WICKED!!!!!!
"Welcome to New York- The Empire State" (Dear American readers, why is NY called the Empire State??)

Last week Sam surprised me with a ticket to today's matinee, so today I met up with her in Oakville and we drove about an hour and a half to Buffalo, NY! I don't think Sam and I ever run out of things to talk about- between discussing dogs, telling random hilarious stories and coming up with dog names (VOTE: Grimsby, aka Grimmy- I think it's adorable, Sam hates it) we talked the whole way there and back.

I can cross a life goal off my list now- eating at TGI Fridays! We don't have those in Canada and they always show commercials here which is completely unfair so now I can say I've eaten there. Next on my list is Applebee's and Sonic.
Outside the Shea's Performing Arts Centre :)

When we got to the theatre and went to our seats in the balcony, we found jackets draped over them and a couple told us their friends were in those seats. Confusedly, Sam and I found an usher who told us to go to the box office and tell them we had been given duplicate tickets. After waiting for a few minutes while they discussed the situation, they moved us up to the floor!! We were near the back but it was still a very good view of the stage. The show itself was AMAZING. I had seen it once before a couple years ago when it was here in Toronto but I don't think you could ever see this musical too many times. The singing, the humour, the acting- it was all excellent. I actually got chills during For Good and Defying Gravity because they were so good. I wish they would come back to Toronto so I could see it a million more times. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown Buffalo a bit where we saw:One of the ensemble members and the Fiyero understudy(dude in the black shirt)! Creeper picture courtesy of Sam.The cutest postal service trucks ever!! Look how tiny!!!For all the Twilight fans out there...EDWARD St! (Also for Amber's grandpuppy) After that we headed back home and made it to Oakville in just an hour and fifteen minutes! And as if the day were not awesome enough already, Sam gave me Boss for an indefinite amount of time so I went home leash in hand!!!Welcome back Bossinator!!! SAM- thank you times a SCRILLION for the Wicked ticket (in Joanna's words, "Best friend EVER right there!!!!") and the ride to and from Buffalo. Best. Day. EVER.


Blogger Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahhh that sounds like soo much fun!! I'm so jealous, I want to see Wicked VERY badly. Yay for you having Boss! :D As for the name vote....I'm on the fence, can't decide whether I love it or hate it...maybe just like it? Haha.

9:47 p.m.

Blogger Anna & Lynn said...

Hehe, glad you had a good time :) That sounded awesome! We have those postal trucks everywhere ;) not just NY...hehe...and...Sonic is really good :) OK...I want to see Wicked now! I think I'm missing out on something good :)

10:01 p.m.

Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Nat, you are most welcome, thank YOU for accompanying me, it was so much better with a friend, and also for puppysitting Mr. Boss-man.

I had such an awesome day too, I just wish it wasn't over. We'll have to start on our plans to see it again somewhere next summer, k? Oh, and also if you could send me those pictures when you have a chance ... :)

For other readers ... don't you think Fievel is a much better puppy name than Grimsby? And also that Elphaba would be a perfectly acceptable name for a dog?

7:04 a.m.

Blogger Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

After all this talk of Wicked, I might just have to go see it if it ever comes here! Sounds like a great day... and you even got a dog at the end! What could be better?

9:16 a.m.

Blogger Joanna and Camry said...

Ohhhhh you Canadians make me laugh. :) Maybe it's the Empire State for the Empire State Building??? I actually have no idea, but it makes sense to me. :)

And, umm, all our mail trucks look like that. How big are yours???? hahahha!

Oh, and Sonic isn't that good, except for their shakes. Applebees is also pretty good. I always get the fried chicken salad whenever I go. :)


1:38 p.m.

Blogger Lisa & Runza said...

ha ha - Sonic and Applebee's are two of Runza's siblings!!! Odd that they don't have them in Canada.

Maybe I'll have to post fun things about Canada when I go at the end of the month! :)

I agree with Joanna, I thought they called it the Empire state for the building.

6:38 a.m.


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