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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reunion with the Amys

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to see the Amys again, both of whom I haven't seen since Fielder's grad in February. We had a pretty fun weekend planned- Saturday we went to Woofstock (North America's largest dog festival) and Sunday we attended Toronto's Walk for Autism in support of ADS.

Randomly inserting a picture of Kongo here because he is SO darn cute and always happy. I have decided I am going to steal him forever.

Woofstock was pretty fun, although I guess I would've been more interested had I actually had a dog to scope things out for. It was crazy busy and you could hardly move for the sea of dogs and people. Thankfully, most of the dogs were extremely well behaved and friendly. It was the perfect weekend for a heat wave to hit the city, with record temperatures of 44 degrees (that's 104 fahrenheit). So after a couple hours of sweating through the crowds (sounds gross, but was even grosser living it) we decided to hit up the Eaton's Centre for lunch where the dogs promptly passed out on the cool tiled floors. We stayed there and chatted for quite a while before braving the heat once again. The organizers had set up buckets every few metres for the dogs to stay hydrated, and there was a big public fountain and several kiddie pools set up for the dogs to wade in. We thought the dogs would appreciate them but apparently Ruby and Aspen don't like getting their princessy feet wet ;) Good ol Kongo was splashing around like a real lab though.
Me and Ruby!

Amy and Kongo!Amy and Aspen! The next day we set out early for downtown's City Hall where the walk would be taking place. It turned out to be another scorcher of a day so the Amys and I stayed back at the booth rather than taking the dogs on the walk. Although it wasn't for Dogguides, I really miss doing events so I enjoyed sitting there with the dogs and interacting with the people who came to the booth. (on the TTC) Spencer and Ruby being all cute with their touching paws!

Sadly, at the end of the day it was time for Amy to give Ruby back, but I hear she is already doing superbly in her new home so congrats Amy on raising Ruby and on her placement!! I'm glad I got to meet her before she left :)

Look at that face! Who wouldn't love her?

Again, after the walk we went to the Eaton's Centre to cool down before we hit Woofstock again, this time on a mission to get as many free samples as humanly possible for AmyB. We ended up with a HUGE sack of stuff and I looked ridiculous hauling it into the GO station. Like Santa on crack for puppies. Anyways, it was an uberfun weekend catching up with the Amys and seeing their puppies again! Unfortunately, short of a kidnapping scheme I doubt we'll get to see each other again for quite awhile (thanks for leaving for the entire summer AMY!) so it was a bittersweet weekend.

Amy after eating blue ice cream and looking like a little boy! But I wouldn't want to end my post with this so you all get....Another cute picture of Kongo! What a gorgeous little man he is!


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I had so much fun!

Kongo ate that smiley face leash though:(

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