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Monday, June 02, 2008

Walk for Dogguides

This weekend I went up to Guelph to participate in their Walk for Dogguides and as an added bonus, got to hang out with Sam, Wylie and Boss the whole weekend!

I headed up Saturday afternoon and spent a fun evening with Sam and the dogs just chilling and watching Grey's and talking. We went to McDonalds to grab some food and the cashier was really nice, she asked if we needed help carrying our food since we had Wylie and Boss. In all the times I've had puppies with me at fast food places no one's ever asked me that so I thought that was nice.

I used to have a notebook I kept a list of my favourite dog names in, but it has recently gone MIA so we spent a lot of the weekend thinking up of new names -mostly ridiculous theme litters and names. I think the best theme we came up with was Stores you can see from a Guelph McDonalds, with the puppies names being La Senza, CIBC, Tim Hortons, Chapters and others I forget.

When it came to bedtime, I had to fight off some puppies for bedspace:

But that's one advantage to sleeping on the floor-having the puppies cuddle up with you overnight!

The next morning we got up quite early. Sam tried to wake me up but nothing was effective until Boss decided to lie down on my face. When I couldn't breathe anymore I decided it was maybe time to get moving. Since Sam and I were volunteering, we got to the walk early and helped set up and whatnot. We hadn't expected it would be so cold so instead of just wearing our Dogguides tshirts, we had to put them on over our tshirts and sweaters. Personally I also made sure Boss was leaning against me as much as possible. Fur=WARMTH. Also, I had to give an impromptu speech about fostering which went okay I think (slash hope).

This is the amazing posterboard that Sam made for the walk! Can you find Petey and Fielder?

During the walk I was put on station 2 with one of the Lions Club members and after everyone passed by coming back I was able to walk the last leg of the walk which was fun. Then it was time for prizes- and I won one! Most Unlikely Pair since I'm small and Boss is big!! That was a fun surprise. The best part was watching all the dogs for Best Trick- a cute little golden won it for shake a paw. Here's a picture of one of our former foster puppies showing off her perfect stay:

Afterwards, Sam, Wylie, Boss and I met up with two other foster families at a park where we walked for another hour and a half- lots of walking this weekend! We were quite the sight, five people each with a black lab of varying sizes (Tiny Wylie [sorry Sam!] to huge Quadry). That was fun to catch up with people I hadn't talked to in a very long time. Then we went back to Sam's house and lazed around in a semi-concious state watching House until it was time to catch my train. The dogs were too cute all lying around so I had to take a picture of course:

Dallas, Baloo, Wylie and Boss (Noel was upstairs). For five dogs they sure were a quiet bunch so maybe Sam's not as crazy as I thought taking on a billion dogs :P

I'm so glad I got to spend the whole weekend with Sam as we never get to see each other during the school year and that we had successful weekend of raising several thousand dollars for Dogguides!


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Aww, Nat, I'm so so glad you could come. It was mucho fun to visit with you all weekend.

Names: others included "Bulk Barn" and "Shoppers Drug Mart" ... with various nicknames from that. :) Also, our McDs food theme ... ie "Burger, etc.". Have you found a new book yet?

The Cold: I had a T-shirt, really really thick sweatshirt, enormous t-shirt, and then a jacket and I was still FREEZING. It's June people, haven't you heard!

Your Speech: Ok, so I was doing registrations and standing far away so I only heard bits, but it sounded excellent. :) And you got complimented by some Guelph politic-y person, so there you go!

Hope you can come again next year, and looking forward to seeing you again soon (It's nice to be able to say that knowing I'm actually seeing you again soon, not just as the traditional ending, if that makes sense).

8:25 p.m.

Blogger TSE Puppyraiser said...

I think I found Petey in the bottom left corner! And is Fielder on the bottom right side of the poster?

The Walk (and your weekend) sounds like tons of puppy-filled fun. :-)

11:51 a.m.


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