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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Okay, so today stinks. It started out awesome.....when i got to school, I found that my friend had left me Rocky Road brownies in my locker (yummmm), we watched United 93 in religion (which definitely was terrible to watch but also a really good movie), then my presentation in english went well, and then lunch was good and geography was hilarious....our VP came in looking for someone and it turns out his kids had shaved off his sasquatch beard (thank goodness)...so our geo teacher Capps goes like "Wow, you're really rising now without the beard eh?" and then silence....silence....silence... VP: "Are you trying to tell me you're attracted to me?" hahahahaa!

But THEN after geo, I went to see the vp about bringing in the puppies to school...so we waited for an hour cause we thought we were gonna get in way sooner, but he took longer than expected with the person before me. Anyways, my mom was outside waiting in the car for me, and she came in looking for me and I told her it wasn't gonna take much longer. But then it did and when I finally went in, he was like "oh..sounds good but i don't think i'm the person you need to ask" so now i have to go see the principal tomorrow, and see what she says. AHHHHH!

so now my mom's pissed at me, and i have to study for my history test tomorrow. woohoo.
I think i may just eat my weight in brownies to make myself feel better

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Will This NEVER End?

Such is the HARD life of being the foster puppy of a teenage girl at the mall...

Please, make it stop! Just let us sleep!

Well, they did get a new toy for the 4 hours they put in at the mall:

Also, my friend and I watched Flicka, and it was AMAZING!!!!! We were both actually crying, and neither of us EVER cry..well me, I only cry at puppy-related things =P But my friend...I'm pretty sure I haven't ever seen her cry, and I've known her since junior kindergarten. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was really moving, and for once focussed purely (okay, well 97%) on animals. It's based on the book and its a remake of the old movie, about a girl who resues a mustang and her dad sells it and she has to get it back. It stars Alison Lohman, Maria Bello, Ryan Kwanten (moderately pretty- highlights too perfect), and Tim McGraw (oh I know you like that Lisa ;) ) Okay, it sounds kinda stupid when I write it, but still-it's really REALLY good!!!!!! GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Also, there's a PA day on my birthday (December 8), so I'm having an all day party!!!!! And you're all invited =D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You Know You Go to an All Girls School When...

The song that comes on the PA before the warning bell is The Call by the backstreet boys and everyone's dancing around screaming out the words at the top of their lungs, much to the bemusement of the male teachers.

Wow that was actually a little embarassing to admit haha...I think I will start a segment entitled "You know you go to an all-girls school when..." God knows how many embarassing secrets my school has to share =)

Anyways, I found my VP today, and I went up to him and asked if he had a minute, and he frowned and was like "no i'm in the middle of something here" with a very uncharacteristic pissed off attitude..so i decided to leave it for today...tomorrow I'm going on a trip to see a production of King Lear downtown so I'll ask him again on Thursday.

HOW and WHY do they sleep like this?? Petey's is just hilarious, but I was so afraid that if i moved my chair one inch, I would crush Fielder to death! haha I love these puppies...they make me laugh so much =D

Like brother, like....other brother =P

Fielder is now as tall as my bag!!! *woot!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Good and the Bad

Good- All 7 of my teachers have now agreed to let me bring the puppies in...well, I have to speak to my religion class tomorrow, but I don't think there will be any trouble with that. Then at lunch, providing the VP is there and is free, i'll talk to him about bringing them in. I'm definitely starting with Petey since he's older, so less time to get him accustomed to this, plus he can hold his pee/poop in longer =P With Fielder,I know he'd be less trouble cause he basically sleeps 24/7, whereas Peteyis more hyper, but I don't have time to be taking Fielder out between every class, seeing as we only have 3 minutes between classes, which is barely enough to get to class on time anyways. (Btw, thanks Erin for the good luck!! Mrs Thompson was soo nice, cause I've had her before and stuff so she knows me..when I asked her she was just like "Why are you even asking me? You knew I'd say yes, right?" haha!)

Bad- Fielder had an assessment today (which went well), but the bad news we got from 'A' is that Petey will definitely go back before Christmas, probably sometime in November. Which is only ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ='(
It's starting to hit me that I REALLY only have a very limited amount of time left with him, which puts me in a sad mood =( I know it's wrong, but I kinda just wish he'd be DQ'd so I could adopt him.

The slight upside to the bad news is that if we have Petey fort his birthday (november 15), my mom said we can throw him a birthday party. So Aims, Aims, Sam, Lisa...clear your calendars for all of November until I decide the date =P The rest of you are all invited too, so if you wanna fly in from wherever you live, come on down!!!! =D Amber, don't bother coming if you're actually a 33 year old rapist from South Dakota though =P lmao!

Oh yes, and Fielder is now 1.9 kilograms!!!!! Woot!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Operation Infiltrate School with Foster Puppies

Today I embarked on the fantastic voyage known as "Beg your teachers for approval to bring a puppy into school". I was a bit nervous, but wait no- that's a lie because all my teachers are awesome this year, so I actually wasn't haha =P I'm more worried about the VP...he's awesome and all but I don't know how he'll react to it. Anyways, I had some really nice talks with the teachers I did see today, so YAY!

Here's a rundown on what I have so far:

VP- will talk to after I've talked to all my teachers, so I can say I have backup

Day 1 Classes:
Sister Gloria- Religion-will talk to on Tuesday
Mr Cluff- English- my favourite teacher EVER!!!!- he fostered puppies too, so he was all for it (Actually, he told me if the VP says no, he'll convince him to let me do it anyways!!! =D)
Mr Cappadocia- aka CAPPSSS (loveee him, he's so hilarious!)- AP Geo- he said he had no problem, and asked me to make a speech to the class because "If someone's deathly allergic I don't want to deal with that" ....so I did and nobody had a problem, so yay =)

Day 2 Classes:
Mrs Thompson- eng lit-(love her) =D- will ask on Monday- shouldn't be a problem cause she loves dogs
Dr Mio- music- fine with it...in fact, he said if one of my teachers say no, I can put the pup in tie down in his classroom, but if that happens, i'll probably get my friend char to take the puppy
Ms Petruzziello- math- will ask on Monday
Ms Wilkinson- world history- she said she's fine with it as well

So that's 4 for 4 so far that I've asked today, so wish me luck for Monday/ Tuesday! =D

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Petey, Fielder, and Greys= MY LIFE

Look at this book I bought at Chapters! I'm not even sure if I'll like it, but it's about animals and doesn't the doggy on the cover bear a strong resemblance to a certain jack russell future dogguide puppy????

After just a few minutes of modelling for my photo shoot, Petey decided it was too boring just laying around with a book, so guess who fell asleep on the job?

And then Fielder adorably fell asleep on his towel that I folded up, and it happened to be just about his size!!! So photo shoot for Fieldy too:

Aerial View (The camera adds ten pounds =P)

GREY'S TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fielders First Outing!

Today was Fielder's first outing! We took the two pups to Chapters and then Ikea. Petey was awesome as usual (most of the time). He was really acting up (rubbing the halti, jumping up) when Fielder got attention because everyone gravitated to Fielder and barely paid any attention to Petey. But anyways, besides that, he was awesome, heeled well and listened well.

I LOVEEE Chapters, and taking the puppies to chapters cause they have escalators we can work on, in addition to it being awesome. I honestly spend hundred of dollars there, so it's good we don't get kicked out =P We brought them to one we don't go to very often today, and it was so fun- all the employees were following us around because of the pups haha! I think we also convinced a couple to foster, and we ran into a former foster family who had adopted their DQ'd dog. The only mishap was Fielder pooing green poo on CARPET....which I had to clean up in front of several laughing customers. Yeah, that was fun. One woman was even describing it to whoever she was talking to on her phone.

Oh yeah, and after we left Chapters we went to Loblaws, cause its in the same mall. I'm always more wary of the security/workers at grocery places cause it's a food thingy. But luckily, we didn't run into any trouble. We picked up a box of Frosty Paws!

Ikea was a quick run, we just ran in to buy some cookies (??). When we went in, one of the workers came up to us and I think he wanted to kick us out cause he was looking at us and went "ummmm...." so then I looked at him meanly and he was like "umm...okay" and walked away haha!

My favourite part of the entire day was in Loblaws, when an old lady came up to me and Petey and my sister and Fielder, and was like "This is terrific what you're doing...to help someone who can't see or hear to have a better life...I'm deaf in one ear and can only hear a little from my other". And I was just like "awww thanks!" All in all, a very good day =D

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything

Okay, Jenny, I won't tell you anything that happens- but if you're the emotional sort of person, you should get the tissues out- Jack ALMOST made me cry this episode....I love him times infinity now...you'll see why on Sunday ;) Also, Kate wears a pretty dress and Sawyer is kept in a cage and tried to escape. Lots of Jack flashbacks.
Petey and Fielder are doing great together- I think they really like each other. I've caught Fielder curling up to Petey a few times, but unfortunately not on camera =( I tried to get Fielder to go down the stairs by himself, but he's still too small- he pretty much has to slide off the stair and bangs his hind legs on the way down, so we're gonna hold off on that for a few days. It was SO cute though, Petey would run down the stairs and then run back up to Fielder, and at one point, he stopped on the stair under Fielder and crouched down, in what I imagine was a move to help him down. SO cute. I'm so proud of Petey, he's doing so well with Fielder. At first he didn't really like him, but now he'll stand the cuddling and stuff. Also, Fielder's favourite toys are Petey's ears, face and tail, and Petey's being really patient about just standing around and being nice to him.


Grade twelve is pretty awesome so far- except for the killer amount of homework and assignments, but it could be worse I guess. I could be in the sciences stream instead of the arts- not that it's harder...it's just a different kind of work...the kind I'm not good at haha The courses I'm taking this year are English, Religion (both compulsory), then AP human geography, world history, english lit, data management and music. I want to go to Carleton (in Ottawa) for journalism, but we'll see....it's so hard to get into! For the other teenagers out there....what are you taking? And what do you want to get into? (Except Sam, you're so old you're already IN university! =O ) It's so confusing..I'm still not sure this is what I want, but oh well.



*Darn, I was gonna end with two funny pictures, but stupid Blogger won't let me!

Monday, October 02, 2006

<3 My Boys

Don't you just want to smush them and eat them up? =D