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Friday, September 21, 2007


Well- it's been a while hasn't it. Though it wasn't intentional, I think that was the longest I've gone without blogging. I've been really really busy with school, lame as that excuse is. There are so many new things I want to talk about I probably won't get around to it all.

Life is good is the main thing I suppose. The first couple of days were pretty hellish in trying to settle into a new environment far from home and all aloney on my owney. Then I made a bunch of new friends and life got better. We got closer and closer and then suddenly things got a WHOLE lot better. It's amazing how close you can get to people you've only known for two weeks when you basically see each other 24/7. It's funny because I'm an arts kid, taking a bachelor of arts, but both my friends back home and here are all in sciences and engineering. I guess it's true what they say- opposites attract.

The crazy party people have settled down on my floor, although mine is still the second loudest party floor. I don't mind anymore though because now I actually know the people and can escape to someone else's floor if I want to.

I have yet to be bored in Halifax. My weekdays usually go like this: class, lunch, sometimes another class, dinner, a few hours for homework and then hang out with everyone until bedtime. It sounds pretty boring in writing but the days really do pass by quickly. Weekends are fun- so far we've done some exploring of Halifax, gone shopping, went on some 'adventures'. Tonight there's a boat cruise and then tomorrow we're going to Pt. Pleasant Park to chill which I'm really looking forward to- getting away from the city and all.

Classes are not too bad. Geography (natural disasaters) and psych are just lectures which are pretty boring, but english is interesting so far. French is a huge joke- the course description said it's for people who have at least grade eight to twelve in french, but we're learning the very basics that I learned in elementary school. I enjoy it though, as it's my one easy course I know I don't have to worry about. Journalism, however, is a whole different story. When I think of what I want to do as a career later in life, I can't really think of anything. All I know is that I like animals, and I like writing. I decided I might go into journalism, but it's so intense and competitive I don't know if it's the right fit for me. However, it's too late to drop courses so I guess I'll stick it out til the end and see how it goes. I can tell it'll be my most challenging course of the year, but hopefully at the end I'll know more about the profession and see if I want to continue on with it next year.

I really like Halifax so far- it's a smaller city than Toronto by far, but it's still a city, which I like. It's safe to go out at night and wander around without worrying. It's definitely a university city- there are four or five universities within close proximity to each other which I guess changes the dynamics of the city quite a bit.

It's funny how drastically things can change in a small period of time. If you had talked to me two weeks ago, I would've wanted to go home asap. And now? I don't really want to go home at all. I am loving the freedom and the lifestyle here, and am quite content with the fact that I'm not going home until Christmas. For now, life is good.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spenny's Visit

I had thought that after Fielder was recalled, I would be puppyless until the end of the summer. As it turned out, I had a puppy with me until the day before I left which of course made me very happy. My last puppysittee of the summer was the adorable baby Aspen. Oops- here's her face:

She was very well behaved and a little boring since she still sleeps all the time. A few times I poked her to see if she was still alive. She was dead tired because after Amy and I did a tradeoff (well i guess it wasn't really a tradeoff since Amy got nothing) at Union, I took Aspen into Oakville to hang out with Kelsey and Emmett. As you might have guessed, Aspen didn't do too much walking since she was asleep the whole time. So we just got some lunch and hung out in the food court. Then Sam, Geisha and Juneau came to visit us and we went and got very messy ice cream. I have a few very bad pictures of Sam but I won't post them because then she might get mad and not pass on my hugs and kisses to Fielder in the kennels.

Then we went back to Toronto and headed to Dee's so West and Aspen could play. Unfortunately, my camera died then and I was so mad. There were so many good photo ops, grrr.

But anyways, she is such a photogenic puppy that I took a million pictures of her over the two days. She is certainly a very unique looking lab, what with the "nosehawk" (i should get that trademarked) and green eyes. She's also the darn cutest little chubster ever.

Agreed? I think so.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Spoke Too Soon....

Well the day after I wrote that horrendously depressing post I actually made a bunch of new friends and the past couple of days have actually been really fun. I think I really like it here now, but of course, classes start tomorrow so we shall see if I start hating it again :P

Thank you all so much for you amazing comments. You have no idea how much they meant to me; they honestly made me feel so much better after I read them.

Amy emailed me and the logic in the email just made so much sense, it hit me that I should've already realized this. "Slowly the bimbos will drift off and either get major alch poisoning, or get knocked up, or die, or get kicked out! So I'm sure in a while things will be different" Thanks Aims!

That might seem a little harsh, but honestly- a lot of people party 24/7, some don't even BELONG in res, and somehow ended up sneaking in and stealing a room anyways, and here's the kicker- some AREN'T EVEN REGISTERED FOR CLASSES. Honestly? That is insane. I know I paid over ten grand for just this one year of education, and while I'm down for partying, I am not going to throw away my parents' money to drink until I die. And truthfully, people have died here before of alcohol poisining. That is not a trend I'd like to continue.

But anyways, I am much happier now that I have made new friends, and even after only a few days with them, I'm pretty sure these will be lifelong friends.

( I hope I didn't just jinx everything with this sickly sweet post)

I promise tomorrow I will put up cute puppy pictures of when Aspen stayed over at my house so you don't have to put up with another boring university post.

Thanks again for the comments, they were/are VERY much appreciated.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Whining and Depression Ahead

So. University life.

I know it's way too early to judge, since it's only my second day here and my first full day in res. BUT I appear to have been placed in the dumb blonde plastic people partying/drinking dorm. While I am not against parties and don't mind attending once in a while, these people are the snobby, materialistic, trashed 24/7 kind of people- I'm sure you've all run into them at some point in your life. Somehow I can't see this stopping when school starts. Our curfew is 2, and 2 on the dot is when they'll drift away, screams lingering behind. And really, I know this makes me sound like a horrendous loser but this is a hugely different style of living. Sometimes I sleep at 11, sometimes I sleep at 12 and sometimes I sleep at 2. But I want to sleep WHEN I WANT TO and not have to listen to drunken screaming outside my door AND window (room beside the entrance facing the parking lot) until 2 every night. I guess what I'm feeling right now is trapped- I can't leave here until Christmas and literally I don't want to leave my room late at night because of all the drunken people being ridiculous outside my door. I'm sure nothing would happen to me, but it just annoys me so much that I don't even WANT to go.

All this makes me miss my old life so much more. As much as I thought I wouldn't be sad when my parents left today, I had a really crappy day yesterday and so I bawled for a very long time while they were leaving and after. Embarassing, yes. But truly I wanted to go home with them that instant and just give up. Because this SUCKS. It's nothing like I imagined it would be, and the fact that the party has to happen in my hallway every night pisses me off so much. Sometimes I just want peace and quiet.

Now I REALLY wish I had chosen a university NOT an 18 hour drive and half a country away from home while knowing NOBODY. Yeah I've made a few "acquaintances" but it's not the same as having a close or best friend with you. Feeling very very homesick and wanting to go to somehwere nice and familiar right now.

Sorry to be depressing but I needed to vent somehow and really? THIS SUCKS!