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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Look VERY closely at Fielder's ears!!! SO cute!!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gone Again

Yesterday morning, Missy came to pick Petey up to bring him back to Breslau where she was to pick up her new adorable puppy Yukon (Welcome home Yukon!!! You huge 12 pound monster at 7.5 weeks of a thing). As much as I loved having Petey back, it was very hard to give him back a second time. As he left, he didn't look back, and once he got into Missy's car he started playing with Maggie, not a care in the world that I wasn't there with him.
Yes that it my dorkus poodle who crept into the crate as we were closing it up to give back to Missy
When he got to Breslau, as instructed Missy gave him his carob chip cookie :P And off he went trotting to the kennels with Jen, again not looking back. Thankfully, our little bunch of foster families have infiltrated the foundation, and our friends Della and Kelsey, who were up there for the day volunteering cleaning the kennels, saw Petey arrive, played with him and reported back to me that he was great :) Yay Petey! So hopefully by now he will be back into his schedule of sleeping, chewing on bones, playing with other dogs, and oh yes- training.

Best of luck to my favourite Jack....I love you sooooo much, and hopefully we will see you at g***!! (We can'y say the word, otherwise it will be jinxed)

Saturday, February 17, 2007


My mom arranged a playdate for the boys- her co-worker's 2 yr old myl Lux came over today to play.....all the boys had lots and lots of fun! Petey and Fielder are especially pleased with the carob chip cookies Lux left them with :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everyone But Us

Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington covered in snow.
Traffic jams, flight cancellations/delays out and into Pearson, just under 700 car accidents.
We got TEN centimetres- ten stupid measly little centimetres.

Halton region, closed
York region, closed
Durham region, closed
Peel public board, closed
Peel Catholic board, closed

Toronto Public and Catholic District School Boards? VERY VERY OPEN

So I had to suffer through another day of lit, music, data and history.....whoopee

Though the snow was light and fluffy, it was fun to play in, as the boys found out after school!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

From Really Bad to Really Good

So last night our furnace broke down. You might ask, how cold would it be overnight without heat in the middle of a bitter Canadian winter, with an ongoing temperature of -30 degrees celsius and a 2 week long extreme cold warning alert.
The answer would be REALLY FLIPPING COLD. So everyone had to bundle up extra before going to bed (personally, I had on my regular pyjamas, plus a sweater and two pairs of socks, not to mention an extra blanket.) Not only were the humans freezing, something had to be done about our mini menagerie too. The dogs got their little fleece jackets put on, Skye's cage was covered in sweaters, and um...my mother wrapped a scarf around the fish tank. Yeah, I know...don't even ask.
Then today after lunch, my mom took me and my sister and the dogs to Vaughan Mills to shop (if any of you ever come to Toronto, I definitely recommend going there- we never run into any problems with them about the dogs). While we were out, the furnace was fixed, thank god.
At the mall I was in a fairly bad mood as someone gave me their cold a few days ago, and I didn't want to be walking around the mall for hours all sniffly while hauling around Petey and Fielder.

HOWEVER, that is when we walked past a store and who should be inside but one of my favourite hockey players ever- Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Wade Belak- signing autographs. Of course I had to go in and get an autograph, plus he petted Petey which means I will never bathe him again. It was AWESOME. It really is too bad he's already married...with two kids..and two dogs...but whatevs.
When he asked for my name, I actually forgot it, and was like "umm.........Natalie!" It was terrific.

In other news, Fielder had his first ever accident in the mall today- he pooped, but I totally blame it on the random guy from Bass Pro Shops who jinxed us by saying "Have fun! Don't poo on the floor!" He also asked if Petey and Fielder were "brother and sister" Umm...no.

So overall, not a bad day...although the stupid furnace breaking down did NOTHING to help my cold, which, in fact, got worse.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Welcome Home Petey!!!

Yesterday Missy picked Petey up for me since she was in Oakville anyways, and then he had a sleepover at his girlfriend Tetley's house. Today Missy dropped him off at my house, and man was he and Fielder ever happy.

It was just a little disappointing for me because although he seemed to recognize where he was, he didn't really seem to recognize me- or at least he didn't show it/wasn't excited or happy to see me. On the other hand, he greeted my mom quite enthusiastically when she came home. I don't know, maybe we just need a few days to connect again. But I'm happy that he's adjusted well to the kennels, and it's peaceful to know that he doesn't have trouble with transfers and such, so when he gets a client it won't be such a big deal for him.

He ran around the house getting reaquainted with everything, and they played and played for about an hour and then Petey wnated to stop and lay around, but Fielder kept wanting to play. Eventually, they both laid down and they had a bit of a rest while I watched Ellen.

I'm SO HAPPY to have him back, and it's so interesting to watch him settle back in and get into some of his old habits again.

Run run run!...run run run! Not tired yet!

Done my run...now for a nice look out the window

Cuddle time :)

Belly rub please!!

Treats? Can I have a treat now? Pleaseeeeee give me a treat!

(plus the top of Fielder's head at the bottom of the pic =P)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Petey's Coming Homeeee!!!!!

Don't worry its not a dq/cc...but due to an unexpected trainer shortage Petey will be coming home for TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!
Needless to say I am SUPERDUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Petey <3 Tetley

Petey and his favourite (AND ONLY!!!!!) girlfriend through the ages...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Conquering the Airport One Small Furry Step at a Time

Today my grandma came to come live with us...she has some old-people health problems now so she couldn't live on her own anymore.

Anyways, this was Fielder's first trip out in jacket since he got neutered last Sunday. He was VERY excited and distracted when we first got there to the point where he would not listen to me at all, pulled, and I was giving constant corrections.

Then as he settled down, he walked nicer, though often leaning sideways (I don't get it, but he always walks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa). We worked a little bit on sitting through distractions, and he did okay on that- still not perfect, but better than when we first went in. Also, I'm very excited to report that he now has no worries about getting on escalators!!! Yay Fieldypoo!!!

Also, tomorrow he is going to the vet's so they can have a look at his incision from the neutering and remove the sutures. Yay! No more conehead!! My legs have many bruises from that plastic edge bumping into them!!

p.s. Jenny and Joanna- you guessed right in the last post!! You win...umm..well nothing, but I think you're smart and I love that you love Toy Story!! And yes Jo, you can take Fielder- but take me with you!!!