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Monday, February 19, 2007

Gone Again

Yesterday morning, Missy came to pick Petey up to bring him back to Breslau where she was to pick up her new adorable puppy Yukon (Welcome home Yukon!!! You huge 12 pound monster at 7.5 weeks of a thing). As much as I loved having Petey back, it was very hard to give him back a second time. As he left, he didn't look back, and once he got into Missy's car he started playing with Maggie, not a care in the world that I wasn't there with him.
Yes that it my dorkus poodle who crept into the crate as we were closing it up to give back to Missy
When he got to Breslau, as instructed Missy gave him his carob chip cookie :P And off he went trotting to the kennels with Jen, again not looking back. Thankfully, our little bunch of foster families have infiltrated the foundation, and our friends Della and Kelsey, who were up there for the day volunteering cleaning the kennels, saw Petey arrive, played with him and reported back to me that he was great :) Yay Petey! So hopefully by now he will be back into his schedule of sleeping, chewing on bones, playing with other dogs, and oh yes- training.

Best of luck to my favourite Jack....I love you sooooo much, and hopefully we will see you at g***!! (We can'y say the word, otherwise it will be jinxed)


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Best wishes to my most wonderful godpuppy!

4:19 p.m.

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