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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mega Update, Many Puppies Included

So I know I promised a post from home, but I got so busy with seeing friends, family and of course puppies that I didn't have any time. Here is a super long post complete with 21 pictures!! All of adorable puppies too.

On my second day home I went to Woofstock, Toronto's annual dog festival, the largest of its kind in North America. I met up with Amy and Bea, and Brooke, Cessna and her foster puppy Reece. There were many vendors for food, treats, collars, harnesses, toys, rescue groups and much more. One of the groups was giving out free doggy snowcones, which poodley Bea enjoyed, but left my hand smelling like beef after.
And of course it was tons of fun spending the day with Amy, even though on the way home we accidentally drove halfway to her house (the opposite direction out of Toronto) before we realized we had gone the wrong way.
On Thursday, I visited Dee and picked up Friday. Although I only had her for a day and a half, it didn't take her long to win me over. She is such a well behaved lovable, happy, fluffy and huggable puppy, I told Sam she wasn't getting her back by the end of the night. We had a busy day as I visited with some friends downtown. We went to the Eatons Centre, surprise surprise. On one of our relief breaks, I discovered that one of the venues for the North by Northeast (NXNE) music festival was across the street. Friday was unphased by the loud screamy band onstage and even posed for a picture.

We went to dinner at Swiss Chalet after where she curled up under the table for a nap. The manager fell in love with her too and offered her a bowl of water. Afterwards, my friends and I wandered around downtown. We ended up at one of University of Toronto's campuses and I took Fri's picture on the steps of Convocation Hall. It's like she's graduating from university! (Sorry about the terrible quality, it was pitch black except for the gross yellow lighting from the building).

One of my friends attempted to take a picture of Friday and I but Fri had weird coloured eyes in all of them. This is one of the better shots. We match in our green outfits!

We then headed home from Museum St. of the TTC which has all these cool statues.
Friday was very tired but was a trooper and took the train and escalators in stride.
I thought she would pass out, but my pet puppy Lesley enticed her into a little bit of playtime before going to bed. They loved each other and Friday helped Lesley improve her dog socialization skills a little bit.
The next day, we woke up bright and early (7 am, Sam, I'm not complaining about 10 am this time). Amy and Bea came to pick us up to visit Sam and all her dogs. Bea and Friday both wanted shotgun but the poodle prevailed and Friday was stuck in the back.
This was definitely one of my favourite days home as I spent most of the day with Sam, Dallas and her puppies!
We went out for lunch and a walk, visiting many places downtown. This is cute little Friday by the water.
That is me on the left with Friday and Sam on the right with Fiyero. Check out the loose leash action and Fiyero ignoring all the goose poop on the ground :) Friday was fantastic to walk both on the Halti and just on the flat collar, even amidst chaotic downtown Toronto.

These dogs are both so wonderfully adorable and beautiful, these pictures don't do them justice. Fiyero in the front, Friday at the back.

After lunch, we found my first geocache! It was fun looking through the trail for it, and there was lots of stuff inside too. The puppies quite enjoyed the leafy romp as well.
Then it was back to Sam's for more puppy watching!! Mr Pink was nursing upside down and I love this picture because it looks like he's waving at the camera.

Mr Yellow was my favourite puppy. He's the littlest one right now and we bonded over some cuddling time where he snuggled right down into my arms for a little nap.
It was so much fun seeing everyone again, but this time my downtime at home was made a million times better than usual because our family now has a pet dog, a mini schnauzer named Lesley. We became fast friends and she quickly started following me around everywhere, including "helping" me at the computer. I just love her big bat ears and huge puppy dog eyes, plus she is a very kissy dog and loves to give lots of licks. She is still working on her basic obedience as she's only 5 months old but she is very smart and I can't wait to watch her grow up!
Nothing says welcome home like a little puppy warming your feet :)


Blogger *~Amy~* said...

Yay for your hugen post! Bea says the pictures of her are very flattering! We miss you already and are glad you enjoyed your trip home and got to hang out with us!

2:16 p.m.

Blogger Lisa and Ellie said...

WOW - yay - for the massive post. Love all the photos and sounds like you have been super busy!

7:14 p.m.

Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

Ah, good times ... I miss you already! (So does Friday)

12:23 p.m.


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