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Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Cure a Nail Biting Habit

Spend six hours at an ER with your violently ill friend, four of which are spent being separated only by a curtain from someone who apparently has the Norwalk virus which is so contagious the doctors are outside talking about how they have to throw everything in the room out as soon as the patient leaves.

Is it possible to bathe in Purell?


Blogger Hobbes Dogs said...

I REALLY hope you don't get sick Nat - my first year there was an outbreak of Norwalk at my school and it was so bad they had to quarantine the residences!

12:54 p.m.

Blogger 8675309 said...

AIGHHHH!!!! Stay healthy!!! Yikes....

4:18 p.m.

Blogger Erin,Bubs,Tex and Veda said...

lol you might not have any skin left......

11:18 a.m.


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