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Saturday, May 02, 2009

No Day But Today

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! Life has been crazy busy since then-I had four term papers due in a week and then lots of stressful finals in addition to packing up my room and finding somewhere to keep all my stuff for a week before moving in to my new house.

Thankfully, that is now all over and I am writing this post from my new room! Four of my friends and I are sharing a house for the next year, embarking on the poor student living adventure. Just this morning I had a breakfast cupcake as it was my only option, but hopefully we'll be able to get some grocery shopping done soon. My room is a mess right now but I decided writing a blog post would be more entertaining than unpacking.

The last five days have been a whirlwind of travel and visiting people. My friend Katie and I took off after her last exam on the 25th at 8 pm and drove 17 hours to Rochester NY to see the Broadway tour of RENT. Our parents were quite convinced we were going to die, but the drive was surprisingly easy. We each took 4 hour driving shifts and managed to stay awake the whole time. Both of us have a tendency to speed (I know, bad habit, but driving on a straight highway at night with no traffic makes it easy to forget how fast you're going) so we managed to cut off quite a bit of our travel time. Also, what up New York Thruway with your million police cars and equal amount of toll- I think we paid over $20 in New York alone. But it was all worth it to get to our final destination...RENT!! What can I say- seeing Sam again was awesome, and the show was phenomenal. One of the best nights of my life for sure. Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal live and five feet in front of my face- I got chills listening to them sing and finally seeing the production live in theater. Thank you Jonathan Larson for writing such an amazing, moving musical! We got to meet Mekalea as well, which was so much fun!! Puppy raisers never run out of things to talk about when they get together :)

After the show we were hoping to get to the stage door to hopefully meet the cast and get some things signed, but they ended up doing a fundraiser after the show (where Anthony Rapp auctioned off and took off his pants on stage!) so unfortunately we didn't get to do that, but I DID meet one of my favourite ensemble members, Telly Leung.Yay! It was so awesome. Of course, being the dork that I am I blurted out that I loved his blog and he replied with an "Aww, thanks" so it wasn't too embarassing at least. It was the perfect way to end such an awesome night, and I'm so glad everything worked out. I got lots of snuggle time with Friday too, and catchup time with Sam so I was very, very happy.We also had Cracker Barrell for lunch the next day- oh happy times with biscuits and delicious food!! We had a lot of fun reminiscing about our trip to Mississippi. On the way home, we stopped by Niagara Falls as Katie had never been to them before. Living a couple hours of away from the falls, I've seen them too many times to count, but the vastness and natural beauty gets to me every time. After that, it was off to HOME at last! I haven't been home since early January, so I was definitely looking forward to going back. My parents also got a puppy the day before I got home. She's a little 14 week mini schnauzer named Lesley.
She was still in the quiet, not doing anything stage when I was home but I hear since then she's been starting to test boundaries and her place in the pack but hopefully my parents have learned something from the puppies that have passed through our house and will train her well. She is oh so very cute though, and I had lots of fun snuggling her and starting her training in basic obedience.

After three days at home, it was time to come back to Halifax, sadly. I got to meet up with lots of friends while at home though, and I will hopefully be back for a couple weeks at some point in the summer. Now it's time to find a summer job, unpack, set up my room and enjoy time with friends before school starts up again....here's to a relaxing and adventure-filled summer!