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Monday, January 30, 2006

Puppy Party 2 and Another First!

On Sunday, the Petesters and I hosted a puppy party! At 1:45, my mom and I picked up Missy with Chester (black lab), AmyB with Winter (yellow lab) and Penny (springer spaniel-beagle mix), AmyG with Echo(black lab) and Sam with Callypoo (my favourite cream poodle godson! :D)

We headed over to my house in two shifts-come on, even a SUV can't fit six people and five dogs! :P We had a play and pizza in the basement, and then a run in the backyard. The puppies sure looked like they were having fun, everyone was taking turns trying to murder each other- Echo and Winter were really going at it! The cutest thing was Penny and Petey sticking together, the littlest and youngest puppies. The not-cutest thing was Petey taking a pee on Sam's jacket!! :( But we cleaned it all up in the end ;)

Calvin taking a break and Winter squished between my legs ;)

AmyB holding Penny and Petey

After the party, we hit the mall to give the puppies a bit of socialization- Penny and Petey's first mall trip! Also both their first times going on escalators! They were both pretty well behaved considering that they're 8 and 10 weeks old, respectively :D Petey's main problems are definitely pulling, jumping up on people and trying to eat stuff off the floor--but they're pretty easy to correct, especially since he's so young, and a halti will really help once i get one.

Totally forgot to bring my camera to the mall but we wree pretty busy anyways. Food court, PJ's pet store, Claire's, walking around and then walking around almost the entire mall trying to figure out where the subway entrance was (my fault, I'm afraid- Missy has fired me from being in charge of directions :P)

Sorry for the lack of pictures- my sister didn't take many good ones :P But I'll post more when i can steal them off Missy's site :D

Nat and the sleeping Petesters :D

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Half an Hour in the Life of Petey

Well, I don't really have anything to write about today, but don't want to study for tomorrow's math test- i know, i know David, don't worry, I'll get on it right after this post :P

I thought I would just post some pictures depicting half an hour of Petey's life :D

Bad Puppy! Two seconds after that he chomped down on my finger!

"I think I'll kill my rope toy and then go bite Natalie"

"Please, pretty pretty please Mommy, let me out!!"

Now that's a good puppy! ;)

In other news, AmyG's old blog, Amy's Stuff, got mad at her, so she started a new blog- http://crispyecho.blogspot.com Go check it out! :D

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another First

Today was another first for Petey-he went on his first outing as a future dogguide. Just a short trip to Pet Valu to pick up a new collar (his purple one was a tad too big). Well, along with that collar, we also bought two Teenie Greenies, and two toys-- a soccer ball plushie, and a rope toy. He was a big hit with the owner of the store, and also the mailman outside who was collecting mail from the mailbox. He gave Petey a good rub, and told us that he had a JRT at home too.

Besides a bit of pulling, and excitement, he was behaved. For a nine week old puppy, i think that's pretty good :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Visitors

Today was an exciting day for Petey and I. He had his first official visit from a fellow foster puppy- Blossom! :D

I had left my camera battery in Missy's car after AmyB's party, so she came by to drop it off and meet Petey. Blossom is a seven month old black lab. Even though she is a small lab, Petey was still only the size of her head.

Petey went CRAZY when he saw Blossom! He basically spent the next half hour alternating between trying to murder Blossom and trying to bite Missy's fingers off. But he really got put in his place- I knew Missy wouldn't be afraid to correct him, and I picked up some tips from her on how to handle him.

All in all, a pretty good visit- I'll put up some pics of that tomorrow-Missy got some good shots of Petey and Blossom :D


Friday, January 20, 2006


**Yes yes, i know-for those of you on the forum, it is copying, but since i am copying myself it doesn't count! For those of you who aren't on the forum, check out the Dogs That Guide Forum, it's really awesome, 'cause me, Sam, AmyB, AmyG, Lisa, and David are on it! ;) Just kidding! But in case you are interested, the link is on my sidebar, which is at the bottom of the page, i don't know why (oh and also i linked it from here, for those of you who want to save your fingers from having to scroll down the page).

Anyways-on to the interesting part- INTRODUCINGGGGG (*drumroll please) PETEY!!!!!!!

I picked up Petey today, and despite some freaky things happening (such as engine trouble on the highway), we made it all in one piece-me, my mom, my dad and my best friend Charmayne.
When we got to the front desk, two very cute doggies came out to greet us- a yelow lab named Abby and a golden retriever SSD (Special Skills Program) named Halle. There was also a cocker spaniel named Maddy that came out later.

After we had met with the puppy program, and signed and read everything, we received Petey(who is cute beyond words-i swear, photos do not do him justice on his size)! We got his crate, food, and jacket, and then we were off to home! Char hung out with us for a while, and then her mom picked her up, fearing she would never leave on her own.

I have since learned that Petey is nippy beyond belief, and if he wants to bite something and hang onto it he will, be it clothes, toes, or fingers. But he is very smart and is already grasping at the concepts of sit and leave it. Overall, a pretty good first night, and pictures to come tomorrow! (Also a visit from a surprise guest-who could it be!)

Nat and Petey :D

*On a side note, i also got my G1 license today, so again, those of you living in Canada- you might wanna avoid Toronto for the next year or so :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Arrivals and Departures

Quick post just to let everyone know that I will be picking Petey up on Friday at 4:30. Only 3 more days! I am very very excited! :D

And now i am off to do my Hamlet essay- have i mentioned that i hate Hamlet? And also how i hate myself for leaving an essay due tomorrow for tonight? Why am i so stupid?? You know, i just realized- I am JUST like Hamlet! My tragic flaw is procrastination. Except that i really hope that I, and everyone i know, doesn't die horrifically at the end of this "play" as that ending seems real popular in all of Shakespeare's plays.

p.s. i realize there really is no "departures" element to this post- give me a break, i just wanted a snazzy title ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The answer is.....

TO JRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what i said about the problems before, but it's all good- i talked through some stuff with Sam and Amy, and it's ok now.

So, I called Susan, but she's not back in office til Tuesday, so i'll have to call her again then. I think i will have died from excitement by then. But anyways, there you are. Happy puppy news!
His name is Petey, he is eight weeks old. Thank you Sam for the pictures and for checking him out for me. Sam, who works in the kennels checked out his personlity, and says he is a sweet, cuddly and mostly quiet dog. :D

Thank you David, Sam, AmyG, AmyB, and both Lynns for your advice.

Nat :D

Friday, January 13, 2006

To JRT or not to JRT

That is the question.....

Well i had an exciting conversation with Samantha today. She told me that one of the puppy program staff tried to call me this morning, but since i was in school, i missed it and, knowing that Sam knew me, she called Sam and told her to pass on the message.

The message, in case you were wondering, was that there is a Jack Russell Terrier available, and would i be interested in taking him home? Well, of course the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Petey and he has wirey hair and a black patch on one eye. Cute, eh? :D

(and there's ALWAYS a but) i have one major problem-housetraining! Since I'm gone the entire day at school, i obviously can't leave the puppy crated all day. My dad can let it out at 8:10 before he leaves for work, and my sister can let him out at 3:20 when she gets home from school. I don't get home from school until four, so in this case, it is good to have a sister.

The thing is, i'm not sure if i have someone to take him out between those times. My grandmother lives with my family, and that's originally who my dad said we could get to let the puppy out during the day, but i'm not sure if she can handle him. Things such as watching him, or correcting him when he's doing something wrong, and also things like if he doesn't like his crate, and refuses to go in? I don't want him to develop bad habits while I'm away at school and then come to think that they are acceptable.

Oh yeah, another problem? My parents aren't entirely convinced yet-but I have until Tuesday for that.

I SO want Petey, but if i can't solve the housetraining problem, i will have to wait til maybe March Break to get a puppy :( I know that's only two months away and i can wait, but there might not even be a puppy available then.

Any advice/feedback would be VERY greatly appreciated :D


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tip of the Day 3

Here's another good one:

If you're ever at my school, don't look in any fourth-floor toilets right before lunch, unless you want to be greeted by the sight of diarrhea!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!

As you might have guessed, yes, i DID learn this the hard way. And of course, feeling barfy right before lunch is not a good thing. Especially when you're in the cafeteria surrounded by everyone in your grade, aka. everyone you know. So, being the nice friend that i am, i told all my friends about it. Because I'm just that girl, who, if she's going down, she's gotta bring everyone down with her. *

Yep. Hope you enjoyed this one. And if anyone threw up, I'm really sorry, send me a bus/train/plane ticket and i will come out and clean it up right away.


* Don't worry, me and my friends have gotten used to this by now- i am not the only one amongst this group who must share these types of stories.

p.s. Sam has begged me not to disgust the public, but oh well. As you can see, i did not listen to her, and as a result, probably alienated all 3 readers that don't know me in real life and don't know that i'm actually NOT a sicko (but if you're still here, I'm not).

p.p.s. just be glad i didn't share the details, ok?

p.p.p.s. I'm done now...please come back another day! :D

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Blogs!

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that i've added three new puppy blogs to my list. They are all very good blogs that i recently discovered, so go check them out! :D

Future Dogguide Patience: This blog is Sam's second blog (that smarty pants! :P). Patience is her fifth foster puppy, but she is extra special because Sam has known her ever since birth-literally! Also, she picked her name, but that is old hat by now ;)

The Chocolate Dog Blog: Written by a fellow Canadian, this blog is about his chocolate lab, Bosco. Bosco is very very cute, and all you lab-lovers, i know you'll fall in love with him and his favourite toy "snakey" :)

Newbie Puppy Raiser: Candace is blogging about her first time raising a foster puppy, an adorable yellow lab named Mulan! This blog, i discovered through Amy and Winter's, so it is doubly for sure to be good ;)

Nat :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Puppy Par-TAY!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for that depressing post before-i had to get it out somehow! ;) I am feeling much better, and i know that Sam is taking care of Kody and i might be babysitting another puppy this weekend! :)

Here is one of my favourite things that i did during break: Puppy Party!!!!!
AmyB had a puppy party, hosting 6 people and TWELVE puppies at her NEW house! We broke it in pretty well-yes, i did say break it in, not break it ;)

Peggy with Diva (black lab-breeding program) and Dart (black lab-foster puppy) arrived first.
Next were me with Kodak (standard poodle-in training-HED) and Missy with Pixie (black lab-in training-CVC) and Blossom (black lab-foster puppy). Missy was very nice, she drove me to Lindsay all the way from Toronto. I sat in the passenger seat, and we put all three doggies in the back.
Last to arrive were AmyG, Crispy (chocolate lab-in training-HED) and Echo (black lab-foster puppy); Lynn, Naveed (yellow lab-breeding program), and Eden (yellow lab-foster puppy), and Joanne with Easton(black lab-foster puppy) And yes, Eden, Echo and Easton are siblings.
And then of course, there was AmyB with Winter (yellow lab-foster puppy), Holly (her uncle's bichon-mini poodle cross) and Chloe (very sweet german shepherd-husky mix-pet dog).
Unfortunately, Sam couldn't make it because of her yucky work schedule. But, we did talk about Calvin because he is so cute ;)

First, we let all the dogs out for a play. Amy went outside, and Missy went out to take pictures. Eventually, AmyG and I joined them, but as we weren't wearing jackets, and it was a cold day, we soon had to return inside for our jackets and then went back out.

This is AmyB on Pooper Scooper Duty- you can see about nine and a half dogs in this picture, but i'm not even going to bother trying to identify all of them :P
All i know is the only non-lab in that picture is Chloe, and the black lab in the very front is Pixie.

This is Missy on photographer duty. She is an excellent photographer and is the unofficial photographer at all the puppy events. In this picture you can see nine dogs, including my handsome Mr.Kodak. The yellow lab walking away is Winter, the yellow closest to her is Eden, the yellow close to Missy is Naveed, and the little non-lab who's butt you see is Holly.

We then went back in, and hung out downstairs with the food, where the puppies all had a ginormously fun time running around, playing with and humping each other (don't even ask-all i can say is: even the females were humping the heck out of poor just-coming-out-of-heat Winter).

All the puppies then got to choose, from youngest to oldest, a doggy gift each guest had brought along with them. I had bought a blue stuffed-squeaky toy at PetsMart the day before. Holly picked that one out, but i've since learned from Amy that it is now Chloe's new baby :D Kodak picked out Missy's gift, a rawhide basket full of doggy treats! (But me being me, i forgot to take a picture of it)

After that came another block pf puppy playtime, a.k.a. chaos--except this time there were 12 more toys to play with!! With toys flying through the air, puppies racing about, precious humans (i.e., AmyG and I) on the floor, and food on the table, it was every girl for herself once you heard the "take cover" signal, also known as "Ready?? GO FETCH!!!!!" If you heard that, you knew to be alert and ready to roll into a tight ball in case a forty pound+ animal came flying at you. (I'm just kidding-it wasn't that bad, it was actually quite fun! :D)

After that was a blur of puppies going in and out, Naveed and Kodak getting locked in the washroom together (thank goodness Navvy wasn't in heat and Kodak is neutered), fantastic doggy cake made by AmyB herself), and running around in the freezing cold.

We didn't leave until almost 8, and i got home at around 10. That was definitely one of the funnest days I've had during my Christmas break, and i can't wait until the next puppy party!!

Kody's cute little butt (with Pixie looking on)

Me being "greeted" by 6 dogs)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bye bye Kodak

Warning: Depressing post ahead

So I had to return Kodak today :( I had no clue i could get so attached to a dog in ten days. I think its 'cause of the whole "I don't have a dog myself" yet thing. Well, as it turns out, I got totally attached to "my" little Kody because ever since day one, (and i know this is going to sound incredibly vain) Kodak would follow me around EVERYWHERE, to the point where he would pace the house until i came out of the shower. So i ended up taking him into the washroom with me, where he was very good and just lay down (although he wouldn't get off the towel on the floor, so my options were dry off in the shower or step on his head). Anyways, i could just tell that he loved me the most(definitely a result of me interacting with him the most), and i just soaked it all up :D (Lol, i'm really sorry, i promise i'm not a pompous jerk in real life!!...though i guess it's also not great if you guys think i'm one online :P)
I was surprised i didn't cry myself to sleep last night, but that's because i'm pretty sure i didn't sleep at all..just tossed and turned and stuck my hand into his crate. My room sure looks a lot emptier without that huge crate beside my bed.
I had no idea i would miss him as much as i do-its both sad and weird that i don't have a little white shadow anymore. What's scary is that i only had Kodak for ten days-i can't imagine how much it hurts to have to give up your foster puppy after a year. I managed not to cry (in the building, thats not to say i didn't do some crying at home :P) in front of the trainers today, but when i return my foster puppy i'm sure even Donald Trump's wig couldn't hold all my tears. (Ew, where did THAT come from??)
Though i really miss him and his little puppy smell and puppy kisses, I know that he absolutely loves the trainers and the building, and that in time he will completely change someone's life, in a far greater way than he changed mine.

So Byebye for now little Kodak. Hope to see you again one day-when you've become a special someone's ears, and opened up their hearts for a lot of puppy lovin'

Love, Nat

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Kodak and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

Tip of the Day

I know it's been a very long time since the last tip of the day, but Kodak thinks this one is a very important tip that should be shared:
Don't eat snow unless you want a cold nose and to go into a sneezing fit