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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bye bye Kodak

Warning: Depressing post ahead

So I had to return Kodak today :( I had no clue i could get so attached to a dog in ten days. I think its 'cause of the whole "I don't have a dog myself" yet thing. Well, as it turns out, I got totally attached to "my" little Kody because ever since day one, (and i know this is going to sound incredibly vain) Kodak would follow me around EVERYWHERE, to the point where he would pace the house until i came out of the shower. So i ended up taking him into the washroom with me, where he was very good and just lay down (although he wouldn't get off the towel on the floor, so my options were dry off in the shower or step on his head). Anyways, i could just tell that he loved me the most(definitely a result of me interacting with him the most), and i just soaked it all up :D (Lol, i'm really sorry, i promise i'm not a pompous jerk in real life!!...though i guess it's also not great if you guys think i'm one online :P)
I was surprised i didn't cry myself to sleep last night, but that's because i'm pretty sure i didn't sleep at all..just tossed and turned and stuck my hand into his crate. My room sure looks a lot emptier without that huge crate beside my bed.
I had no idea i would miss him as much as i do-its both sad and weird that i don't have a little white shadow anymore. What's scary is that i only had Kodak for ten days-i can't imagine how much it hurts to have to give up your foster puppy after a year. I managed not to cry (in the building, thats not to say i didn't do some crying at home :P) in front of the trainers today, but when i return my foster puppy i'm sure even Donald Trump's wig couldn't hold all my tears. (Ew, where did THAT come from??)
Though i really miss him and his little puppy smell and puppy kisses, I know that he absolutely loves the trainers and the building, and that in time he will completely change someone's life, in a far greater way than he changed mine.

So Byebye for now little Kodak. Hope to see you again one day-when you've become a special someone's ears, and opened up their hearts for a lot of puppy lovin'

Love, Nat


Blogger Calvin said...

Awww, Nat ... I know it's hard.

I'm glad you had the experience of having Kodak for the holidays. I'm sure you'll agree that the pain of giving them up is far overshadowed by the joy of the time you have them.

Now get to work convincing your family to foster a standard!

Great seeing you today, hope to get together again soon,
Sam, Calvin, and the rest

10:39 p.m.

Anonymous Nelliesmama said...

Aww Nat..I'm so sorry, I thought you had Kodak for another week and you were taking him to Lindsay to visit Amy & Winter??? She was planning a Puppy Fest,what happened? I've tried getting you on MSN,I guess your Mom is using the puter as I get no answer eventho you show online.

I agree with Sam a 100%. I've always admired the foster families for all they do for us. You gals in the "Under 19" group really are special. You have the pressures of school and just being a teenager,which is enough for some and here you foster puppies knowing you will have to give them back because someone like myself needs them just a little bit more. I know it is an unforgettable life lesson for you and I love you all for it.

It sure doesn't take long for some dogs to bond with people. Kodak fell in love with you instantly and that tells us you are a wonderful foster Mom!

I join Sam in cheering you on,you have all our support for convincing your family to let you sponsor a Standard Poodle puppy. As Kodak proved,they are wonderful dogs.

I certainly understand how you feel,Nat. Big hugs and lotsa love,
Crystal & Nelson

3:56 p.m.

Blogger JuliaR said...

It is hard after a year to give them up but you always know someone else will need them more than you do. And part of the reason we love dogs is the attention they lavish on us. You've done a good thing and will do some more good things!

9:30 a.m.


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