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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pet Day! [1 Day!!!]

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry this is two days late, but i didn't get around to it on the actual day:(
Anyways, "today's" Puppy Pals are the home pets-who are also very important! :) The stars are Sam's silky terrier Noel, AmyG's Maggie and AmyB's husky/shepherd cross Chloe!
Sam tells me that Noel can be grumpy, but she looks adorable! ;) AmyG's Maggie has many different nicknames, thanks to Amy, such as Maggers and Ziggy (which is also her cat Gryphon's nickname). AmyB's Chloe is a rescue dog, and she does agility with Amy! :)

Here are their pictures:

Noel- perfect picture :D

Maggers- can i go play yet?

Chloe- what a pretty doggy :D

I hope everyone had fun learning all about my puppy pals--now get ready for lots of posts on KODAK!!! :D :D :D

Nat :)


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