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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eden Day! [2 Days!!!]

You may remember Echo Day two days ago...well today is Eden Day!
In case you haven't guessed by now, Eden is Echo's sister! Obviously, she was also born on July 6, and she is also five and a half months old ;) Eden is fostered by Lynn G, who also fostered Truffle and Naveed. Naveed is now a breeding dog for the Dogguide's breeding program. I've met Nav twice, got to work her both times. She is such a good good girl :D

Here is little Eden and bigger Eden:

Have you ever seen something so adorable?

Eden-love that little squish of fur!

Here is Jade (family pet), Naveed and Truffle:

Say cheese! (or Kibble!)

It's her "profile shot"-very model-ish ;)

That's when i visited Lynn and AmyG in Port Perry...there's Amy (doesn't she look pissed? :P) in the white, me in the orange, her friend Katie and my friend Chris, and of course, most importantly, Naveed and Crispy! :D

Hope you enjoyed Eden day! Come back tomorrow for the last day of the countdown! Kodak is coming in TWO DAYS!!!!!! (which also means LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Yay!!)

Nat :D


Blogger Dee said...

I've found all of you. Pretty scary eh!

I think we should all buy Kodak disposable cameras for Kodak's arrival.


7:36 p.m.


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