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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Puppy Trip!!!!

Hi everyone,

Here's the promised post on Saturday's puppy trip!

Well everyone met up at the mall, and it was AWESOME to see Amy, Amy and Sam again. There were i think eleven pups in total, including one working dog. We stopped for lunch first, and then we made our way around the mall after a pee break (where i almost stepped in dog poop!)

Since i had never been on one of these trips before, it was all new to me, but it was so much fun! (as everything is with puppies, except for house training! lol) I saw reactions from people that were complete opposites, everything from "keep up the good work", to "Awww! Cute puppies!" to people running away when they saw me coming!

It was slightly crazy and chaotic, to say the least :) There were two "photo shoots", one as a group picture, and one where everyone just loaded all the dogs onto me, Sam, Amy and Amy. Here two pictures from our second photo shoot. The first is the planned picture of just the four of us and their puppies plus Naveed, the puppy i was working. The second one was after everyone piled all their dogs on us.

See the difference? lol The Amy on the right is holding Calvin, Sam's cream Standard poodle, the Amy second from the right is holding Echo, her black lab baby ;), Sam is holding Winter, Amy's yellow lab, and I'm holding Naveed. The black lab that is between the Amy Squared is Blossom. In the next picture, Polar, Whisper, Eden and Dart were thrown in as well. (Too bad Amigo wasn't there:( )I just love the second picture because look at poor Calvin!! He was fine sitting like a human
being until mean Amy smushed Echo on top of him
and you can just tell he's thinking "Please, thirty pound lab, get off of me!!" LOL just kidding :D

Overall, it was one of the funnest days I've had in a long time. Thanks for inviting me guys, and also thanks for sharing your puppies with me!!! Can't wait til next time! (Hopefully I'll have my baby by then, though :P )

Nat :) :)


Anonymous Amy and Winter said...

Hey Nat!!!
Yup that was a super fun day I must say! And you handled Naveed suberbly. I'm sure you will have your little baby whipped into shapr in no time lol. Well not really "whipped"...we use positive enforcement right;) but you know what I mean! And no I did not squash Calvin. Echo WANTED to be there and I know Calvin LIKED IT! He's a social butterfly! ttyl

Buhbye, Amy and Winter (you walked me too! Was I a good girl?)

P.S. I hope you get a puppy soon. The anticipation is killing me so I have no idea how you can handle it!!

3:41 p.m.

Blogger Calvin said...

Calvin really enjoyed seeing his godmommy again. He is not sure if he wants you to get your own puppy, as then he'd have to share you. I on the other hand, am as excited as ever!

You did great with the dogs. Calvin thoroughly enjoyed walking with you, while I had a chance to visit with some labs!

To clear up the issue, Calvin was not squished on Amy's lap...he thought it was the best lazy boy chair around! :-P

Sam and Calvin (who certainly is a social butterfly!)

5:28 p.m.

Blogger elise said...

Hey Nat!
That is so cool!
Yes I'm a newbie, but I really love your blog!
So cool!
Chill like an Eskimo,

1:30 p.m.


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