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Friday, October 14, 2005

Puppies and Blogs

Hi Everybody!
Ok this might be a boring post because it's mostly about the various foster families i know and the blogs i read a lot cuz i love them :D First of all Sam, and my godson Calvin! Sam has lots of experience fostering and she has really helped me out, not to mention the many jokes. (hey sam, got any peebread? ;) ) Tied for second are Amy squared! I've met both of them once each, and all their adorable pups! (except for Ice :( But congrats to him! have fun at grad amy!) Amy G, I love Crispy and i better get Echo soon! lol These are all foster parents and friends i admire (don't get happy yet guys), and because of this, i will be calling them for advice everyday once i get my puppy! ;) lol just kidding...maybe. Also, I love my blogs..i finally discovered blog-reading during the summer ( i know, i'm way behind lol), and i was never bored again! My favourites are Cal's, Kiwi's, Keelin's, Rocky's, and Willow and Stella's blog. Those are all blogs on different foster puppies, nad also a Leader dog and a pet :) I also really like some mommy/daddy blogs, such as Tiny Kingdom (which, btw, is hilarious!), Laid Off Dad, Very Mom, and Rock Star Mommy! They all have the most adorable kids, and their blogs are the best! When i figure out how, I'll add the links onto my page (if you guys don't mind..i'll e-mail nad ask first :) )

'Kay, that's all for now! Unfortunately no puppy news yet :( But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!



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