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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good News!

Hi everyone,

Sorry, i know it's been a really long time since my last post. But i finally have some puppy news! Someone from the organization called yesterday and said they received my application, and that everything looked good. So now at least i definitely know I'm on the list, but it's the hardest part now-waiting!! I'm so anxious to get a puppy!!

But I'm gonna get my puppy fix this weekend; I'm meeting up with some other foster families. I'm especially excited cuz Amy, Amy and Sam are going! ( i know, you guys must think i'm in love with those three or something, but trust me, I'm not--we're just the Crazies! :P )
Anyways, keep an eye out for my post about that! It should be lots of fun! Can't wait to see my godson Cal again, and to see Winter and finally meet Echo!

Also, congrats AMY and ICE! Amy's first puppy is now a successful SSD, he's graduating tomorrow night! Amy, you did awesome with your baby, and he's going to make someone's life a whole lot better! Congrats, I'm proud of you guys! (i know i sound like i'm forty, lol, shut up :P)

Nat :)


Blogger Calvin said...

We are very excited for you! :) :)

I know the feeling of waiting, but hopefully it won't be long.

See you Saturday,
Sam and Calvin

3:37 p.m.

Blogger JuliaR said...

Another lurker! I'm glad you enjoy my blog about Rockwell. I hope you get your puppy soon. Before you get too busy with the puppy, write a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you. Then once you have the puppy, we can imagine how it is turning your life upside down!

5:12 a.m.

Anonymous amy and Winter said...

Thanks for the warm wishing!! Grad went awesome. Ice was always such a good boy and I was VERY proud of him on Thursday and will continue to be proud of him as he is turned out into the world doing what he was born to do, help someone.

Buhbye, Amy and Winter

3:55 p.m.

Blogger The Dog Blog said...

Puppies rock! I hope you get your pup soon!

11:28 a.m.


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