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Thursday, December 01, 2005

101 Things

I hope i actually have 100 things to say! Any of my friends will tell you i talk way too much, but it's harder to actually try to think of things to write....but knowing me, once i get started..well..you might want to leave at around 500...

1. I'm fifteen years old (sixteen in a 6 days! geez i'm old! no offense to anyone over the age of sixteen reading! :P)
2. I'm Canadian (Toronto rocks!)
3. And damn proud to be one :)
4. I'm a huge TML fan, even though i only started watching hockey last season (GO LEAFIES!)
5. Though i must admit my not-so-secret infatuation with Sidney Crosby, of the Pittsburgh Penguins (he's MINE michelle and nessa). He is SO man-pretty. <3
6.I love books and reading...yes i know i'm a nerd, get over it
7. I love my computer and TV
8. I have way too many favourite TV shows to count (including Friends, America's Next Top Model, Desperate Housewives)
9. I LOVE Ellen DeGeneres and her talk show! :D
10. Another couple not-so-secret infatuations of mine...Jesse Metcalfe and James Denton!!!
11. Dogs and animals in general, always make me go on a happy high,ALWAYS.
12. I love Shammy to bits
13. I am so lucky and grateful to have discovered Dogguides
14. I am so lucky and grateful that through Dogguides, i have met so many wonderful people and puppies
15. Calvin will always be my baby godson <3
16. But don't worry, i love Winter and Echo and all foster puppies past, present and future very much too
17. I cannot believe my luck that i am able to foster again so soon ( i thought i would have to wait til i moved out!! lol)
18. I am scared to death i will fail miserably
19. But also more excited than i have ever been before :D
20. Though i will probably bother Sam, Amy and Amy beyond belief with questions :P
21.I have a parakeet, Skye, who is the best birdie in the world, and whom i love to bits too :D
22. I have the best friends ever
23. Though i don't think they know me like the think they do
24. Different friends know different sides, obviously
25. But i still love all of them anyway :D (you know who you are...HOLLA!! lmao rosanna)
26.I'm kinda afraid that putting this blog on to the Internet where anyone and everyone can read it will one day come back to bite me in the ass
27. But oh well...i'll worry about it only when it actually happens :P
28. Can you tell i'm a live for the moment sort of person? ;)
29. I can't believe i didn't discover blogs til this summer.
30. I now have over ten blogs i check on daily lol
31. Mainly i read two different kinds, the service dogs and future service dogs blogs and the mommy/daddy blogs
32. Don't think i'm weird for reading the latter when i'm only fifteen, but they're really funny!!!
33.333 Gotta go tell Sam i'm at the one third point :P
34. I'm back, did ya miss me?
35. Ok, that was actually really not funny...but who cares....i'll just pretend to myself that everyone in the blogosphere is laughing at my un-intelligent joke right now
36. Moment's over, people, move on
37. I think i just realized how pathetic i am
38. ANYWAYS....
39. My favourite musical ever is Wicked..saw the Toronto one with the touring cast, but Idina Menzel was incredible as the Brodaway Elphie
40. I don't actually know that, but she was in the Broadway version of Rent and now the movie version, and her songs from Wicked are amazing, therefore i will assume i was correct up there in 39
41. I had heard of Rent before, but never heard any of their music til i saw the movie cast sing "Season of Love" on Ellen's first New York show, and now i REALLY want to see it! (Another reason why Ellen is great! :P)
42. And then i saw them sing it again on The View
43. Loved that interview..the entire cast is so good together
44. I love how Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are married...don't ask me why, i'm weird like that
45. I love music.
46. My favourite song changes daily
47. Current favourites are Seasons of Love, Ever the Same by Rob Thomas, Dirty Little Secrets by the All American Rejects, Alive by Melissa O'Neil, and "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban
48. If Steph sees that she will laugh in my face because I never watched Canadian Idol, and then one day i suddenly just loved Alive, a song she had been playing on her iPod over and over for weeks :P
49. I play piano and alto sax
50. I love the sax, piano not so much-but it's still alrite
51. Much better than the flute, which i never understood
52. No thanks to a music teacher who's favourite thing to do was tell his favourite joke over and over again, which was to hang his glasses off one ear and blow a huge raspberry
53. Come to think of it, that's not exactly "telling" a joke
54. But i love one joke i learned from him "A man walked into a bar..ouch" LOL
55. I know many jokes, but my friends tell me to shut up when i say them
56. For good reason LOL
57. I absolutely HATE math
58. With a passion
59. Funnily enough, i'm practically failing bio, but i love it
60. I have no clue what i wanna be "when i grow up"
61. I hate it when people say "when i grow up"
62. I dunno why, it just bothers me
63. Definitely something in the arts, nothing to do with the sciences/math if i can help it
64. I used to want to be a vet, til i found out i hated science and math
65. Then i wanted to be a journalist, til i found out i don't really like writing, though i'm good in english (or so i like to think)
66. Nevertheless, I'm still a sectional editor for my school paper
67. Actually, i take back half of 65, i actually love writing, but only when i have ideas on what to write about
68. I hate trying to think of stuff to write about (plus i suck at it)
69. Right now i'm listening to 'You'll Think of Me' by Keith Urban..i love it :)
70. I have five best friends, we've known each other since kindergarten, some from before
71. We go to three separate schools
72. And we really should see each other more often
73. Thank god for our partayysss :P
74. I've never met someone famous before.
75. If i could meet anyone famous, i would meet Lance Armstrong. Can Sheryl Crow count too though? Cuz i like her too, and besides, they're engaged, so that's not cheating, now, is it?
76. I love my LiveStrong! :D
77. And also i would love to meet Ellen DeGeneres....i watch her show every single day (as Sam can attest to LOL) and i lvoe her cuz she's hilarious
78.I went to PJ's today, and i already have a teal collar and black leash picked out for my soon-to-be-puppy
79. Don't worry, i'm not a complete freak, i was at the mall anyways, i didn't make a special trip lol
79. Yay, i can't wait til i have a puppy, then i can bring it to the mall!!!
80. And other public places :D
81. i LOVE food
82. I have so many favourite foods...pizza, pasta, poutine, tacos, sushi, everything
83. I just like to eat in general lol :)
84. I'm not a very athletic person, but i do love skiing and playing soccer
85. I like watching hockey
86. Note that i said watching, not playing...that is because though i would love to play, i would be checked into the middle of next week if i did
87. If you haven't realized by now, I'm tiny...like 4' 11 1/2" at fifteen years old tiny
88. It doesn't help that i inherited the shortness gene and was allergic to milk until about age twelve
89. I tried to chug milk to make up for twelve years of lost time, but i found that i hated the taste of milk
90. Though i do like pizza, cheese, ice cream, all the good stuff
91. But i hate yogourt
92. The smell makes me nauseous
93. I love horseback riding too
94. It's too bad I'm allergic to horses
95. Everytime i visit my friend's stable or go horseback riding, my face blows up like a balloon
96. Which might be funny for them...not so much for me
97. This past summer, i went on a cruise and LOVED it
98. It is the awesomest thing ever
99. Especially cuz i only got seasick about two times, which is pretty good for someone who pretty much throws up everytime she gets on a boat
100. I can NOT believe i made it to 100!!!!!!
101. The End!

Just wrote that so i could claim 101! :D Well, hope you guys enjoyed that, and hope you have fun when you realize how quickly the puppy is "turning my life upside down" ;) Thanks Julia :P


Blogger Amy and Winter said...

wow that sure was long...very insiteful though!

4:00 p.m.

Blogger Calvin said...

Thanks for all the insight into YOU, Natalie. We both learned alot!
Calvin likes number 15. Sam quite enjoyed 33.333!

Perhaps Calvin will have to write his own "101 Things!".

Calvin and Hobbes :P

7:47 p.m.

Blogger JuliaR said...

“26.I'm kinda afraid that putting this blog on to the Internet where anyone and everyone can read it will one day come back to bite me in the ass.”

Yeah, I was nervous about that too. So far so good. If in doubt about revealing anything, DON’T!

“79. Yay, i can't wait til i have a puppy, then i can bring it to the mall!!!
80. And other public places :D”

Depending on how old they are, it might help to have three arms (or another person).

“...how quickly the puppy is "turning my life upside down" ;) Thanks Julia :P”

You’re welcome. :)

10:56 a.m.

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