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Friday, December 30, 2005

Puppies' Day Out!

Today was Puppies' Day Out! A day where Sam and Calvin, and Amy and Winter came out to Toronto to play! It was an awesome day (better than yesterday, when Kodak unravelled an entire toilet paper roll)

At two, I met Amy, Sam, Calvin and Winter at the subway station, and after a quick pee, we headed into the mall. Our first attempt at lunch was a complete failure, as we could not find a single table. So, we headed downstairs to PJ's pet store, where Amy bought a new black kong for Winter. We also looked at some of the puppies, and Kodak sniffed the kittens.

We then went back for lunch again, and this time we were luckier- a couple vacated a table just as we got there. We then had a quick lunch (if you are REALLY interested, Amy had a sub, Sam had McDonalds, and i had Arby's :P), which turned into a bit of a photo-op of the puppies.

After that, we headed up to the theatres to watch Cheaper By The Dozen 2. It wasn't the greatest movie, but it was pretty good. The best part was probably the ones with the dog and the mouse, but the Sarah-Eliot plotline was funny too. The puppies were very, very well-behaved through the entire movie, except for one incident where Kodak tried to eat a piece of popcorn off the floor. We didn't all sit in aisle seats, as Amy drew in her weird diagram :P Just kidding, Amy :D We all sat in one row, but it wasn't too squishy.

After the movie, we took some pictures, and then went outside for another pee break. We stood there talking for almost an hour, and even though it was freezing cold, we had a good time-at least, i know i did :D

Overall, it was a very fun day, and Kodak was very sad to see his friends go (he tried to leap and follow them down the stairs). I can't wait til our next puppies' day out!


Blogger Calvin said...

We both agree that it was great meeting up with you and Amy again. And you even had a dog this time!

"even though it was freezing cold, we had a good time"
We did too, though I couldn't feel my hands when we got into the subway station.

The movie wasn't bad (Calvin prefered Harry Potter), but you really do have to read the book. It is exceptional!

Sam and Calvin

6:19 p.m.

Anonymous Nelliesmama said...

Hey Nat,

I'm so glad you gals could get together with the dogs for a day. I love the pix! I'm glad Kodak was a good boy for you. I got a letter from LFC today saying my application to CVC was received and I will be hearing from a CVC trainer for an in-home assessment. Keep ya posted.

Crystal & Nelson

2:33 a.m.

Blogger Amy and Winter said...

Hey Nat! Until out puppy party, I can pretty much say that that was the funnest thing that I have done on my vacation. OMG It's almost midnight! HAPPY NEW YEARS! You better get a puppy soon or you will never catch up! lol

Buhbye, Amy and Winter

8:54 p.m.


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