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Monday, January 30, 2006

Puppy Party 2 and Another First!

On Sunday, the Petesters and I hosted a puppy party! At 1:45, my mom and I picked up Missy with Chester (black lab), AmyB with Winter (yellow lab) and Penny (springer spaniel-beagle mix), AmyG with Echo(black lab) and Sam with Callypoo (my favourite cream poodle godson! :D)

We headed over to my house in two shifts-come on, even a SUV can't fit six people and five dogs! :P We had a play and pizza in the basement, and then a run in the backyard. The puppies sure looked like they were having fun, everyone was taking turns trying to murder each other- Echo and Winter were really going at it! The cutest thing was Penny and Petey sticking together, the littlest and youngest puppies. The not-cutest thing was Petey taking a pee on Sam's jacket!! :( But we cleaned it all up in the end ;)

Calvin taking a break and Winter squished between my legs ;)

AmyB holding Penny and Petey

After the party, we hit the mall to give the puppies a bit of socialization- Penny and Petey's first mall trip! Also both their first times going on escalators! They were both pretty well behaved considering that they're 8 and 10 weeks old, respectively :D Petey's main problems are definitely pulling, jumping up on people and trying to eat stuff off the floor--but they're pretty easy to correct, especially since he's so young, and a halti will really help once i get one.

Totally forgot to bring my camera to the mall but we wree pretty busy anyways. Food court, PJ's pet store, Claire's, walking around and then walking around almost the entire mall trying to figure out where the subway entrance was (my fault, I'm afraid- Missy has fired me from being in charge of directions :P)

Sorry for the lack of pictures- my sister didn't take many good ones :P But I'll post more when i can steal them off Missy's site :D

Nat and the sleeping Petesters :D


Blogger Calvin said...

We had a great time! I hope we didn't traumatize your parents too much.

It was great to see my godson again, even if he did pee on my coat...remind me not to put it on the floor next time.

Missy is not the only one who has fired you from giving directions. You certainly don't have the best track record. And, though I said no Shakespeare quotes this time, I hope you will enjoy this...
"[Nat] has no more directions than is a puppy-dog" (Henry V, 3. 2).

Sam and Calvin
P.S. Thanks for the PIZZA!

7:57 p.m.

Blogger 8675309 said...

Sounds like a great party! Lomax wishes we didn't live so far away...sounds like his kind of crowd. =^)

Nat, I'm intrigued by Petey and other smaller breeds being trained for service. I'm assuming the little guys don't become guide dogs for the blind...what will they be doing?

1:42 p.m.

Blogger Natalie said...

Sam- No problem, it was great to see my godson again too-sorry about your jacket :P

Jenny- Petey wishes Lomax didn't live so far away either, as he would love for him to come to our parties. Anytime you're in Toronto, let us know-of course, the offer for me to send Petey out to LA still stands-there may be no more Lomices, but there can still be plenty of Petey lovin' :D

7:38 p.m.

Blogger The Dog Blog said...

the photos you got were cute...

4:34 p.m.


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