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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Puppy Par-TAY!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for that depressing post before-i had to get it out somehow! ;) I am feeling much better, and i know that Sam is taking care of Kody and i might be babysitting another puppy this weekend! :)

Here is one of my favourite things that i did during break: Puppy Party!!!!!
AmyB had a puppy party, hosting 6 people and TWELVE puppies at her NEW house! We broke it in pretty well-yes, i did say break it in, not break it ;)

Peggy with Diva (black lab-breeding program) and Dart (black lab-foster puppy) arrived first.
Next were me with Kodak (standard poodle-in training-HED) and Missy with Pixie (black lab-in training-CVC) and Blossom (black lab-foster puppy). Missy was very nice, she drove me to Lindsay all the way from Toronto. I sat in the passenger seat, and we put all three doggies in the back.
Last to arrive were AmyG, Crispy (chocolate lab-in training-HED) and Echo (black lab-foster puppy); Lynn, Naveed (yellow lab-breeding program), and Eden (yellow lab-foster puppy), and Joanne with Easton(black lab-foster puppy) And yes, Eden, Echo and Easton are siblings.
And then of course, there was AmyB with Winter (yellow lab-foster puppy), Holly (her uncle's bichon-mini poodle cross) and Chloe (very sweet german shepherd-husky mix-pet dog).
Unfortunately, Sam couldn't make it because of her yucky work schedule. But, we did talk about Calvin because he is so cute ;)

First, we let all the dogs out for a play. Amy went outside, and Missy went out to take pictures. Eventually, AmyG and I joined them, but as we weren't wearing jackets, and it was a cold day, we soon had to return inside for our jackets and then went back out.

This is AmyB on Pooper Scooper Duty- you can see about nine and a half dogs in this picture, but i'm not even going to bother trying to identify all of them :P
All i know is the only non-lab in that picture is Chloe, and the black lab in the very front is Pixie.

This is Missy on photographer duty. She is an excellent photographer and is the unofficial photographer at all the puppy events. In this picture you can see nine dogs, including my handsome Mr.Kodak. The yellow lab walking away is Winter, the yellow closest to her is Eden, the yellow close to Missy is Naveed, and the little non-lab who's butt you see is Holly.

We then went back in, and hung out downstairs with the food, where the puppies all had a ginormously fun time running around, playing with and humping each other (don't even ask-all i can say is: even the females were humping the heck out of poor just-coming-out-of-heat Winter).

All the puppies then got to choose, from youngest to oldest, a doggy gift each guest had brought along with them. I had bought a blue stuffed-squeaky toy at PetsMart the day before. Holly picked that one out, but i've since learned from Amy that it is now Chloe's new baby :D Kodak picked out Missy's gift, a rawhide basket full of doggy treats! (But me being me, i forgot to take a picture of it)

After that came another block pf puppy playtime, a.k.a. chaos--except this time there were 12 more toys to play with!! With toys flying through the air, puppies racing about, precious humans (i.e., AmyG and I) on the floor, and food on the table, it was every girl for herself once you heard the "take cover" signal, also known as "Ready?? GO FETCH!!!!!" If you heard that, you knew to be alert and ready to roll into a tight ball in case a forty pound+ animal came flying at you. (I'm just kidding-it wasn't that bad, it was actually quite fun! :D)

After that was a blur of puppies going in and out, Naveed and Kodak getting locked in the washroom together (thank goodness Navvy wasn't in heat and Kodak is neutered), fantastic doggy cake made by AmyB herself), and running around in the freezing cold.

We didn't leave until almost 8, and i got home at around 10. That was definitely one of the funnest days I've had during my Christmas break, and i can't wait until the next puppy party!!

Kody's cute little butt (with Pixie looking on)

Me being "greeted" by 6 dogs)


Blogger M-Fax said...

that is a lot of dogs!

I am going to add you to my links

have a super day

6:12 a.m.

Blogger Lablover14 said...

I love your blog. I read about the puppy party on Amy's and your blog. It sounded like a lot of fun. You will have to keep me updated about your puppy I would love to hear from another puppy raiser:)

8:23 a.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm another puppy raiser! =D

LOL. i made a bolg but it's mad at me so I'm gunna wait a bit =D LOL

The puppy party was fun, eh, Nat!?!? I can't wait until the next one either!!!! =D

I'm glad you had fun with Kodak! And maybe by next puppy party.. you'll have your very own MINI POODLE!!

=D Amy G (with Echo and Crispy)

6:40 p.m.

Anonymous Nelliesmama said...

Hey Nat,

I know you had a great time at the Puppy Party,but I enjoyed reading all the details here. I love the pix. My Nelson is getting up there,he'll be almost 12 years old by the time Open House comes around in April,so we'll see if he chases puppies in the courtyard and puts them all in their place,lol!

3:58 p.m.


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