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Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Visitors

Today was an exciting day for Petey and I. He had his first official visit from a fellow foster puppy- Blossom! :D

I had left my camera battery in Missy's car after AmyB's party, so she came by to drop it off and meet Petey. Blossom is a seven month old black lab. Even though she is a small lab, Petey was still only the size of her head.

Petey went CRAZY when he saw Blossom! He basically spent the next half hour alternating between trying to murder Blossom and trying to bite Missy's fingers off. But he really got put in his place- I knew Missy wouldn't be afraid to correct him, and I picked up some tips from her on how to handle him.

All in all, a pretty good visit- I'll put up some pics of that tomorrow-Missy got some good shots of Petey and Blossom :D



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