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Friday, January 13, 2006

To JRT or not to JRT

That is the question.....

Well i had an exciting conversation with Samantha today. She told me that one of the puppy program staff tried to call me this morning, but since i was in school, i missed it and, knowing that Sam knew me, she called Sam and told her to pass on the message.

The message, in case you were wondering, was that there is a Jack Russell Terrier available, and would i be interested in taking him home? Well, of course the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Petey and he has wirey hair and a black patch on one eye. Cute, eh? :D

(and there's ALWAYS a but) i have one major problem-housetraining! Since I'm gone the entire day at school, i obviously can't leave the puppy crated all day. My dad can let it out at 8:10 before he leaves for work, and my sister can let him out at 3:20 when she gets home from school. I don't get home from school until four, so in this case, it is good to have a sister.

The thing is, i'm not sure if i have someone to take him out between those times. My grandmother lives with my family, and that's originally who my dad said we could get to let the puppy out during the day, but i'm not sure if she can handle him. Things such as watching him, or correcting him when he's doing something wrong, and also things like if he doesn't like his crate, and refuses to go in? I don't want him to develop bad habits while I'm away at school and then come to think that they are acceptable.

Oh yeah, another problem? My parents aren't entirely convinced yet-but I have until Tuesday for that.

I SO want Petey, but if i can't solve the housetraining problem, i will have to wait til maybe March Break to get a puppy :( I know that's only two months away and i can wait, but there might not even be a puppy available then.

Any advice/feedback would be VERY greatly appreciated :D



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:56 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

You should get the puppy, I think. All you need to do is ask your grandma to let the puppy out at lunch then feed him. She doesn't really need to like play woth him and stuff at lunch.. thats what I do.. I come home for lunch, let Echo pee go on the computer for like 20 minutes then feed him and go back to school. Just make sure you play with him ALOT after school and if you can before school. After a bit the puppy will get used to this retine and it will be fine. =D

But I do agree that you hsouldn't just get the puppies because you like "can" make sure that this will work out for you. =D

Amy and Echo =D

12:29 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,

Lynn T. has a JRT right now - his name is Sonic. Perhaps you could talk to her about them. I know that she really loves him. Most of the ones that I know seem to have endless amounts of energy - even more than Labs. Good luck with your decision! Let us know what happens!


6:21 p.m.


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