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Monday, May 28, 2007

It Hurts, But....

LET'S GO SENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh...Being a Leafs fan, I never thought I would ever ever say that. But since the Stanley Cup Finals kick off tonight in Anaheim, with the Leafs sitting around playing golf, I have no choice but to cheer for our sworn enemies the Ottawa Senators. Actually, that's a lie...I was going to cheer for the Anaheim (not Mighty anymore) Ducks, but after my friends nearly beat me for supporting the American team over our own, I had to switch.
However, Petey and Fielder are very much still Leaf fans...

Also, a joke I saw today:

Inside a fire hydrant is H20. Outside a fire hydrant is K9P.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bored and Procrastinating...

So naturally, here are a few randoms...

I think I have officially cemented myself as our school's resident Dog Freak...even my teachers seem to only associate me with the pups:
Me: sir i have to go get something from my locker
english teacher: is it black and white with four legs and a tail?
me: ummm....no.....i need my sweater cause its fricking freezing in here!
him: oh...not a puppy...okay then i suppose
Then the next day, someone came up to me in the halls and goes "So how many do you have now?"
"Excuse me?"
"How many puppies do you have now?"
"Really? Just ONE???"

Actually, that one I get alot...just because there was a week in which I brought Petey, Tetley and Fielder in on nearly consecutive days people think I'm some sort of puppy mill or something....apparently the teachers talk about the dogs at staff meetings (hopefully only good things).

A couple weeks ago, my mom tripped/stepped on Fielder two nights in a row during dinner and until recently he refused to sit with us at dinner anymore. Instead, he took refuge on the stairs where there was no one to squish him.

So I have quite a few ISU's to finish this weekend and this past month has definitely been the most stressful schooltime EVER. If we make it through June without any nervous breakdowns from the grads I'll be impressed. We have tests, ISUs, presentations, assignments times seven so all the teachers can cram in the last marks before exams. Right now I am SO ready for summer....

*wow I'm listening to the radio and the song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas just came on...haha how appropriate "let it go/let it roll right off your shoulders/don't you know/the hardest part is over"*


Ugh I should probably get back to work so I'll leave you with this pic of Fielder in the backyard

Monday, May 21, 2007

For Jenny and Truman

How could we resist!!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Randomly Found Old Pic?

Petey!!!!!!!!! <333
(p.s. just for you kelle, i made sure this one could be enlarged =P)
And just so Fielder isn't left out...

I think he looks just like Adeline in this one!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spring is Here!

And so are all the annoying weeds, dandelions and stupid pollenating plants that cause allergies. Today I let Fielder out and told him to hurry up. He trotted over to a lone dandelion, squatted, and peed all over it. Guess he doesn't like them much either.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Although it seems Fielder took my advice to 'be more like Calvin' to heart....

I seriously doubt he will ever be a CVC....although, they do seem to both have career potential in being SUPERPOODLES!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Puppy Assessment Success!

This morning I woke up superearly, and my parents and I drove into Oakville for Fielder's 9 month assessment, which was walking through downtown Oakville, up and down open stairs, over grates, etc. Also there were Fielder's bestest sibs Anorexic Fawn and Fairy with Kelsey and Tina. In addition we had two minis from another litter, Dante and Diego, a breeding program stud, Finney, and two black labs Envy and Gilby, Juneau's friends from university(she's a popular little girl)!

I'm very pleased to say that besides a bit of pulling, Fielder did very well, as did every other dog that was there. We had a great walk on a beautiful morning, although Fielder did attempt to throw himself off the bridge a couple of times.

The best part though, was after, when Sam came to visit us. Fielder was very excited to see his favourite godmommy. I don't believe Sam will need to wash her face tonight. I also got to visit with Calvin and Patience!! It was so awesome, as I hadn't seen Calvin since June and Patience since December. The best part was their both actually recognizing me, and Calvin jumped up for a hug :)

It's been a crazy emotional week- on Sunday, my friend's dad died after a long battle with cancer, and on Wednesday, another friend was hospitalized after passing out at school for a possible stroke, and then topped off today with the announcement that the HED program is in need of poodles and the minis may be recalled as soon as 10, 11 months which would be June-July for Fielder. Having a fun morning with Kelsey and Sam and visiting Cal and Patty was the perfect stress relieving ending to an insane week :) Sam, thanks for taking me for a nice visit with my favourite godbabies! See you in June Cally!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I's ees a vicious poopy PART DEUX

double rawr.