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Friday, October 13, 2006

Operation Infiltrate School with Foster Puppies

Today I embarked on the fantastic voyage known as "Beg your teachers for approval to bring a puppy into school". I was a bit nervous, but wait no- that's a lie because all my teachers are awesome this year, so I actually wasn't haha =P I'm more worried about the VP...he's awesome and all but I don't know how he'll react to it. Anyways, I had some really nice talks with the teachers I did see today, so YAY!

Here's a rundown on what I have so far:

VP- will talk to after I've talked to all my teachers, so I can say I have backup

Day 1 Classes:
Sister Gloria- Religion-will talk to on Tuesday
Mr Cluff- English- my favourite teacher EVER!!!!- he fostered puppies too, so he was all for it (Actually, he told me if the VP says no, he'll convince him to let me do it anyways!!! =D)
Mr Cappadocia- aka CAPPSSS (loveee him, he's so hilarious!)- AP Geo- he said he had no problem, and asked me to make a speech to the class because "If someone's deathly allergic I don't want to deal with that" ....so I did and nobody had a problem, so yay =)

Day 2 Classes:
Mrs Thompson- eng lit-(love her) =D- will ask on Monday- shouldn't be a problem cause she loves dogs
Dr Mio- music- fine with it...in fact, he said if one of my teachers say no, I can put the pup in tie down in his classroom, but if that happens, i'll probably get my friend char to take the puppy
Ms Petruzziello- math- will ask on Monday
Ms Wilkinson- world history- she said she's fine with it as well

So that's 4 for 4 so far that I've asked today, so wish me luck for Monday/ Tuesday! =D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with Ms.Thompson? Today :-)

9:00 a.m.


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