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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Whole Bunch of Randomness

Today I called Breslau, and talked to one of the puppy people, and it's confirmed that Samarooney will pick Fielder up for me on Friday.....try not to let him get squished under Patience okay? And make sure you actually HAVE him when you leave...in case Brooke tries to steal him. Oh yes, and LOTS of pictures pleaseeee!!! Take one of him in Cessna's CVC harness okay? =D
My mom called me afterschool to tell me that she probably couldn't get Thursday afternoon off, and she called the puppy program to ask what's another time we can go for the assessment/eye tests. Puppy person called back to say the optometrist (why do i always get optometrist and opthamologist mixed up?!) can't come anyways, so it's okay, we don't have to go. Which I suppose is a good thing since I don't have to miss school (my parents were pissed I was missing school for assessment), but I was kinda looking forward to skipping part of math and all of history =( Darn it.
My new favourite song EVER. It's from Grey's -How to Save a Life, by the Fray....awesomest song in the whole entire world. It's constantly stuck in my head..evne when I don't want to listen to it, I end up listening to it and I LOVE it. -Jenny, you HAVE to start watching so you can obsess over it with me and Sam!!!!!- (p.s. Sam, I've decided to hate Derek now because he's an ass...how can he tell MEREDITH to make a decision when HE'S the one that's frickin married? He totally only wants her cause Finn wants her, plus what's Addy supposed to do?Hang around waiting to see if Meredith picks her husband? And if she doesn't, she's supposed to stay married to Derek? I don't think so!!! I love Addison with my life =D)
Something to tell your kids: "When I was your age, Pluto was a planet" HAHA!!
Everyone reading this must make a Facebook account right now! Go to www.facebook.com and register! Me and Sam are already on it, and then once more people get an account we want to make a Puppy Raising Group or whatever and we can all talk there! =D
2 days til Lost recap and NINE days til Lost season PREMIER!!!!! *wootwoot*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One can always use some more randomness in one's life ... thanks!

To clarify:
Optometrist - deals with examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the eye and related structures and vision (if I'm right this would be the person who prescribes glasses, etc)
Opthamologist - deals with diseases and surgery of the visual pathway
Ornitologist - studies birds
(Note: I looked this up on wikipedia, I didn't know it off-hand)

What do you mean "even when I don't want to listen to it" ... how can you ever NOT want to listen to it.

And as for all the Derek stuff ... I pretty much always have and always will love him, and I like Meredith and Derek together. I still like Addison and hopes she stays on the show, but not with Derek, sorry. Anyway ... I can't say more because I realized part way through this comment that I've seen the second episode (haha) and you haven't. And anything more I saw will give stuff away. So we'll talk more Thursday night and see if your views have changed at all.

Sam and Patience (4 Days until we get a PUPPY ... for a night)

4:24 p.m.

Blogger *Amy&Polaris* said...

OK aparently sam has WAAAYYYYYYY too much time on her hands!!! And NOW, It's only THREE days till he comes home *yay*. Anyways, thanks...because this post is officially keeping me from being bored in chemistry (I'm in the computer lab "supposibly" working on covalent coumpounds)...but no.

Buhbye, Amy & Polaris (who is laying under the desk sleeping)

10:04 a.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

am trying to join facebook. don't know if it's working. will let you know. feel like i am writing a telegram. haha. hahahahha.i am sleepy.good night.hahahhaha.

10:05 p.m.


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