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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remember When...

I wasn't sure if I should foster a Jack? And I wasn't sure if my parents were into that? Well this morning my mom actually asked me "So if your's and Petey's graduations were on the same day, which one should we go to?" Umm.....yeah...okay, Mom.

And here are some superduper cute pictures from yesterday:

Petey in Sam's car!

My pretty baby at the Burlington Fall Fair

Petey and Patience trying very hard not to look in the same direction at the same time

Petey and my purchases of the day- Finn's new collar and peanut butter treats for Petey

Finn's collar compared to a $20 bill so you can see how small it really it...I'm actually a tad worried that it's still too big. I think I'll get a cat collar to start him off with.

p.s. Amber- Don't get too used to it though, I don't think his name will actually be Finnigan, seeing as we already have a Gilligan and Finney :P

Joanna- Ewwww! That is disturbing, haha! And no, I'm guessing they were in their 20's? It was pretty annoying, they sang the same lines over and over. Like the guy would go "I'm bringing sexy back", and then the girl would go "Them other boys don't know how to act" and then the guy would burp. Ew!


Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

Aww cute pcitures Nat!

Ha ha! Your mom is funny =P

5:27 p.m.

Blogger *Amy&Polaris* said...

I remember those days. Aren't you glad Sam and I convinced you to get him. I'm sure it hasn't been the easiest journey at times, but his ehavior at the last assessment has really proved what a great job you've done training your crazy JRT. I'm definately proud of you and how far you and Petey have come, I sure don't have the guts to foster a Jack. I'll stick with my perfect labs thank you very much.

Buhbye, Amy & Polaris

3:20 p.m.


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