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Friday, September 01, 2006

100th Post!!!!

Big thanks to David for this Get Well "card" he sent me! Thank you to the Charlsdan Gang for sitting patiently and sending me get well wishes!

From Left- Thank you to the gorgeous Kyra, the beautiful Brin, my wonderful godpuppy Flight (Hi Flight! Keep up the good foster puppying!), and the newest addition to the gang, adorable little Ash!

Also, thanks to Dee for sending me a care package of soup, pudding, candy, and of couse- Kraft Dinner! haha

In puppy news, my friend Brooke went to Breslau today, and she saw the puppy program people. Since I can't really talk thanks to me teeth and can't phone them myself, she asked for me what the litter letter is. Annddddddd, the official letter is....F!!!!

So thank you everyone for your suggestions! I will be sure to include all the ones you sent in on my list I'm giving the puppy people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Charlsdan Labradors sure are a smart bunch!

2:34 p.m.

Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

I'm basically in love with that picture!

1:35 p.m.


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