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Monday, August 28, 2006

Okay, Okay, Picture Time

I considered titleing (how on earth do you spell that??) this post "Could you BE more pushy, Aims?" ;) jks (Ooohh, points to whoever can guess which Friends character I was being there!)

But anyways,
Joanna- I think I need to send some of those hot boys down my way first- I go to an ALL GIRLS school, a bit worse off than you! =P And yes, next time I will take all you puppy/bloggy people with me and it will be SO much funner.

Amy- We missed you and Poley too- it is now 12:10 a.m. and where are you? You say you're a midnight typist but you really aren't. Liar!! And your postcard will take a few more days to arrive- I sent it from the ship, but they had to wait til we got to Anchorage to mail it.

And finally, the pictures- forgive me if this gets to be a long post, I'll try to keep it to my faouvirte pics but I took literally hundreds (which was hard, as I'm the type to never erase pics from my camera, so I had to continually erase them throughout the trip to make room for the Alaska ones) ..and also, I'd like to explain the pics so it's not just random pictures for you, and sinceI have bad memory, I have some sort of memory of these as well when I look back =P

View from a part of Mt. Robert, the mountain we hiked up in Juneau, and Spirit, the bald eagle I mentioned in my previous post

A random husky (I REALLY missed Petey, so I basically petted every single dog I saw to try to help make up for it), and a mountain lion that scared the crap out of me when I saw it, even though I knew it was not alive (one of the stops on our Yukon tour was a place where we got lunch, and then visited a "petting zoo" of sorts, and a museum with works by a famous taxidermist)

I cannot belive stupid Blogger has stopped working ALREADY!!!!! I will try again in a little bit..


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