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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Baccckkkkk!

What's that? You didn't know I was gone in the first place?

Sorry about that, meant to write a quick post telling you I was leaving, but I didn't have any time. I've been away camping for the past three days at Bass Lake Provincial Park. It's an annual thing we do with three of my best friends and their families. It was superawesome except that Petey couldn't come along cause one of the people we went with is scared of dogs. I missed him sooooooo much, and it didn't help that some kids kept walking their ADORABLE JRT puppy by our site. It was smooth haired and had different colouring, but still. Though obviously Petey is the cutest puppy. Ever.

But he had so much fun staying with my friend Dee, another foster family and herLab-Golden X Fortune. I was told they barely rested all weekend, and he definitely didn't want to leave when I came to pick him up. One of the stories I was told was that last night, Petey was in his crate and Fortune wasn't in hers. Their crates were set up side by side, and Petey had dragged Fortune's towel through the bars and he now had her towel in his crate. Well Fortune decided to take her towel back, and she ended up dragging him around the room by the crate!

In the end though, I ended up being glad that I didn't bring him because it was literally freezing at night-he definitely would've gotten sick if he were there. By the second night, i was wearing seven layers to bed, and was still a bit chilly.

It's been a fun three days, but I'm glad to be back (minus the sunburned thing) and with my baby (well, not so baby-he's 9 months in two days!!) again. The promised pictures from my last post are to come tomorrow.


Blogger Patience said...

We missed you!

Also, Petey, you are growing up way too fast! You really need to stop that.

Love from your godmom,
Sam (and Patience and Amigo - who are also growing up much quicker than I would like)

9:43 p.m.


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