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Monday, July 31, 2006

Warning: Whiney Post Ahead

Tomorrow is going to majorly suck, I know it.

First of all, I have to wake up at 7:30, and NOT go back to sleep til 11. Why, you ask? Because I am going to a DENTAL SURGEON. I'm not too worried about that as of yet, as it's not the actual surgery tomorrow, but still. That means the surgery is COMING SOON. I know it's a totally routine surgery to have your wisdom teeth out but I'm scared to death. I've never ever had a surgery before, and I've heard the horror stories from my friends.
"Nat, look! If i move my tongue around I can feel the stitches on my gums"
"Yeah, I was away from school for two weeks"
"When I woke up from the anesthetic, I couldn't walk properly and had to hang onto my mom"

Okay, I've heard ONE story where my friend was okay after a day and didn't even have to take the Tylenol 3 she was given. But that's one good one versus the sixty seven bad ones I've heard.
I hope I'm one of the good cases, but since I probably won't be, I've devised a plan. I am guilting my parents into renting both seasons of either Grey's Anatomy or Lost for me, and I will watch it in bed. And also? You can all come visit! It will be a fun sleepover type thing- except with a bruise-cheeked chipmunk (me). I betcha Petey will still be cute though.

What are your wisdom teeth experiences? If you have straight ones I'm going to be very insanely jealous of you!!!

p.s. Awesome responses to DogHer, I wish there actually was one now! Amber, if you can sneak away from your trip, you're welcome to stay with me, and I'll invite everyone else over for a party! =D


Blogger Patience said...

Well, as I've been postponing my surgery for the past year, I can't tell you of my experience yet.

Good luck tomorrow ... unless you fall over dead it shouldn't be worse than my consult with the surgeon.

Looking forward to the 'Greys' marathon,

9:22 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll be fine! Your friends are messing with your head.
I had mine out back in the barbaric days, didn't need pain killers and ate KD that night for supper.

7:09 a.m.

Blogger The Chandler Man said...

Eww, I have to get mine out too. A year ago my doctor said to get them out that summer. I said "okay!" well, the summer came and went... no swollen cheeks for me. I promised I'd get them out last winter break. No such luck. This summer should have been it. But school starts in three weeks (oh my word!), and I don't want to be miserable for that... Sigh... I wish I could just keep my teeth. Oh, no worries for the surgery though. My brother had it and was a bit groggy the first day, but for the weekend he was kept on painkillers, and by Monday he was back at work. You should be okay! At least I hope you are! Chandler sends you lots of slobbery kisses and nibbles to make you feel better.

9:31 a.m.

Blogger Nelliesmama said...

No surgeries at all? Boy are you lucky! Don't scared you'll be fine. If you are in pain or swell up just take tylenol or whatever your dental surgeon prescribes for pain. Use an ice pack of you look like a chipmunk,that will bring the swelling down.

He he,I could tall ya all kinds of stories about the many surgeries I've had,but I won't!:P I'm still alive and kicking and that's the main thing!

8:40 p.m.


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