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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dog Days of Scugog

Today was a really fun day, though one with an early start. Since Missy came half an hour earlier than she said she would, Amy and I had barely started packing the puppies' bags and changing and eating, so we made Missy and Dee wait for a bit, which was entirely not our fault, obviously.

We made it to Port Perry in good time, with all humans and puppies intact (read: four dogs and four humans in a car make for some pissed off dogs and squished humans). It was a really fun ride there though, I loved having the chance to just talk with (and make fun of) Missy, Dee and Amy. By the way, head over to Amy's blog and congratulate her and her town of Blackstock (population 600) for getting a pizza place and a box where you can buy the Toronto Star!

From about 11-4, we were working our booth, talking to the public about our foundation, the puppies, and answering questions. We also had time to walk around the grounds. By around 2, Petey was pooped, as he had played with Echo all weekend and had pretty much been working for the past several hours. However, we had a special job to do. Lynn sent Sam, Amy and I off with the basket of Dogguides wristbands to sell. Naturally, we took the three cutest puppies with us for ammo- Petey (duh!), Tetley and Patience. Since everyone loved us (and the puppies too, I guess), we sold all the bracelets in no time and proudly showed off our empty basket to the foster families back at the booth.

Afterwards, we went to Lynn's to hang out. That was fun for both the puppies who got to run around with their best friends, and for the humans who got to socialize with their two legged friends, eat and the best part- sit down(!!!!) after standing for the entire morning/afternoon. I think Petey's favourite part of the day was when he got to see millions of Jack Russells- there were many wandering around, as well as a booth set up for the Parson Russell Terrier Fanciers, where there were at least ten puppies. Petey was a unique looking pup, and had many surprised when told that he was purebred, but you know what? I think he was the cutest Jack (if not the cutest dog!) there.

*Ugh, stupid blogger!!!! I meant to put this post up days earlier, but it won't upload my pics, so now I'm giving up...hopefully you will get a chance to see the picture later.


Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

I was quite proud of my Toronto Star box and my pizza place..... I guess you have to live in Blackstock to really no what I'm talking about =P =D lol

That was a lovely day. I can't wait until next year!!

7:47 a.m.

Blogger Nelliesmama said...

LOL,glad you guys had a good time.
Hey Amy,I bet you are proud.I remember when I was growing up in Woodstock and we finally got a McDonald's when I was a teenager,but then again,Woodstock is much bigger,haha!:P

I guess Petey must have been one of the few wired haired JRT's there eh? Yes,the puppy's are all cute. If Nelson and I were there,they would have sold even faster,lol!:P

Crystal & Nelson

12:34 a.m.


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