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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!!

We wish England had won against Portugal today but oh well....they did the best they could with Rooney out and Becks' foot injury =( Congrats on at least making it through overtime!

(Doesn't he look sad? Poor boy just got neutered on Thursday)

From your Canadian friends,
Nat and Newly Neutered Petey!


Blogger Eve said...

Awwww poor Petey, I hope you will be feeling better soon mate!

Happy Canada Day all the way from New Zealand.

Eve & Taz

6:16 p.m.

Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

Happy Canada ay to you to Nat & Pates. I'm sorry Petey that you had to get "cut off" (LOL) so soon to Canada Day, but atleast now you've done it and you won't need to go do it again? Right? Echo knows what your feelings right now =P LOL

7:38 a.m.

Anonymous Liz said...

Oh, poor Petey (it's for the best, boy) - hope you're feeling better, already ;o)

Hugs from Rudy (a.k.a. Woodie, Pinhead and Doofus Dog) and the rest of our clan!

8:24 a.m.

Blogger Eve said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day from New Zealand. Hope you are feeling better Petey.

Taz & Eve

12:18 a.m.


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