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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why Does This Happen EVERY Time??

I set out to PetsMart with ONE thing on my list- a new leash.

I came home with two bags of Soft and Chewy MilkBones (to stock up!), a purple frisbee (if there's anything my dog can do, it's jump), a bag of four beef flavoured bones (again, stocking up!), a leopard-print squeaky bone (what's one more toy?) , the leash (black with white bones on it), and one VERY wet puppy (and let me tell you, Petey, it is NOT appreciated when you jump into my lap in the car after splashing through five puddles and been thoroughly licked over by several dogs).

The total cost? Thirty seven dollars.

I'm thinking that it's a really good thing I love this puppy.


Blogger Calvin said...

When you pick up your puppy, they tell you all you are responsible for buying is toys, treats, a leash, and a collar.

What they don't tell you is how you will feel that you need to buy out half the pet store for this little puppy.

Sam, Calvin, and Patience (who spent $11 at the pet store yesterday)

9:06 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petey looks adorable surrounded by his purchases.

Yep...it can be a costly adventure. My first three were spoiled rotten with toys, treats and trips. FP #4 isn't quite so lucky, she's stuck with hand-me-downs.

7:34 a.m.

Anonymous Nelliesmama said...

LOL! Petey is one spoiled Puppy

I'm scared to go into Pet Smart,seriously,lol!

Aw Petey you look so cute,I can see why Nat spoils you rotten!

5:28 p.m.


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