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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spring Concert!

On Monday and Tuesday, my school had its annual Spring Concert. We have brand new teachers this year so we weren't sure what our year would be like in September. But everything has turned out very well and my class and the department as a whole has improved so much. We've gotten new techniques, new instruments, and pretty much a whole new philosophy towards music itself.

Our concert this year went very well and one of the two bands I'm in, the senior concert band even got standing ovations both nights.

The Tuesday concert was a bit more special than the Monday one though, because that's the one my family came to. Also, Sam came out to watch me as well! Although our plan for her to be allowed to bring either Calvin and Patience didn't work out, we still had a sleepover after, so it was all good. Well, except for the sleeping at 12 then waking up at 6:45 part. Don't feel too bad for me though, I had a short nap in religion class.

Since three of my best friends and I are on Band Council, we got medals to wear during the concert!

Look at our pretty white blouses and kilts that are NOT any shorter than three inches above the knee.

They were both great nights, the highlights of this school year. I can't wait til next year, when it will be better than ever, though it will be bittersweet, my last year at the school.


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