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Friday, March 31, 2006

Backyard Escapades

Yesterday when Petey was playing in the yard, our neighbour's one year old golden retriever was out as well. She is a beautiful dark golden colour and her name is Hailey. We're pretty friendly with our neighbours- before we had Petey, the family used to invite us to the backyard to play with Hailey, and we've known Hailey ever since she was brought home as a little fluffy pup. She even played with Kodak when he was here.

Anyways, as they were both playing on their respective sides, I noticed a small hole under the fence. As if they had sensed my eyes looking that way, both puppies discovered the hole and started digging frantically at it. I pulled Petey away and corrected him for it, but today when we went back, guess what? The hole had gotten bigger and Hailey was out again.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened. One second I was watching Petey play with a stick, next second, I look over and Hailey is half on our side! So I kinda pushed her head back under and left, assuming that if i left, she wouldn't want to come over. Well when i closed the gate, I see her shoot through the hole and run into our yard.

I debated between ringing our neighbour's doorbell and bringing Petey back inside and using his leash to bring Hailey back to her owners. Fortunately, her owner then came back out and saw what had happened. Petey and Hailey ended up playing together for about twenty minutes, with Petey getting extremely dirty by the time they were done. I guess I should clean him up before we head to Oakville tomorrow for the school's Open House lest they think I'm mistreating the little bugger! :D

Also, here are two pictures Sam sent me from the Sportsmen Show:

Petey and godbrother Calvin (and Sam's feet)

The Triangle of Love-Petey, Calvy and Petey's girlfriend Blossom


Blogger Calvin said...

Just to clarify, Calvin was Blossom's original boyfriend. They pledged their love to each other at only 3 months old. Apparently, Blossom does not have much loyalty. My poor boy has a broken heart.

Sam and Calvin

4:59 p.m.


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