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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tennis Ball Fun!

Petey's new favourite toy of the day is his tennis ball. Or tennis balls i should say. I don't really know why but i have a bag of about 10 tennis balls in the closet so when i thought his first ball had gone missing today, I pulled out the bag. Man, you should have seen Petey's tail wagging!
I brought out two more tennis balls and we had a fun time playing with them.

A couple of times, they rolled under my bookshelf and it was really interesting to watch Petey try different ways of getting them out. Most of the time he would try to paw them out but sometimes he would get really frustrated and start barking at them.

Here are a few pictures of Petey having fun with his tennis balls:


Blogger Amy and Zoom said...

aww Petey is soo cute Nat!

I'm glad you guys had funn!

7:04 p.m.


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