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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sportsmen Show

Today and yesterday were very eventful days for Petey and I. We went to represent the Lion's Foundation at their booth at the Sportsmen Show which took place at the Exhibition Place. I am so happy I didn't die or get lost- I have never gone downtown by myself before. Yeah, it's kind of sad since I've lived here all my life. But whatever...I survived!!!

Yesterday was not as eventful as today- today was a million times funner because I went with people that i knew and i rode there and back with someone too. Yesterday we were there with Corbin, Colby and Newman, all yellow labs. Today we were there with Missy and Blossom (Petey's girlfriend), and Sam and my godson Calvin. Later, AmyB came with Echo (she took Princess Echwee today because it's Crispy's grad), Lynn came with Naveed and Eden, and another foster family we kind of know, Steve came with Oxford.

Petey had a lot of fun with his godbrother Calvin. He was definitely the most handsome poodle there. Calvin is Petey's favouritest poodley friend. They play nice with each other with a few exceptions :P Together, Petey, Calvin and Blossom make up what Sam calls the "Triangle of Love", which is a perfect description of the three of them today.

We mostly just hung around our booth, talking to people who were interested in the foundation and people who wanted to pet the dogs. We did take a quick look at other booths in the dog section. There were some breed clubs, like for the Labs, but there were also different booths for different things, such as golden retriever rescue, hunting dogs, and another guide dog organization- National Service Dogs. Yesterday Petey was ok-behaved, he didn't get along too well with Corbin. Today, though, was a different story. He was almost perfect, the best I have seen him since the day I brought him home. He either sat or laid down the entire time, and was great with children.

On an unfortunate note, Blossom, a ten month old black lab, has many many boyfriends (Calvin was her "original"), but promised that today she would be all Petey's. Except she broke her promise and cheated on him with Calvin! Petey's feelings were hurt and he wouldn't curl up with her on the subway on the way home. That should teach her! Petey has now moved on to either Genie, a standard poodle, or a hot little dachshund we met at the show.

Yesterday was his first time on the subway and streetcar. Though he did well, I'm sure he had more fun today with his friend Blossom. I certainly had more fun talking to Missy than staring at the ground.

I unfortunately did not take my camera along with me, so pictures will be posted when I steal some from Sam and Missy!


Blogger Amy and Winter said...

I dunno Petey, Echo says that those Yorkshire terriers were pretty gorgeous, and they are just your size. I'm surprised Nat didn't take you over to see them. What a meanie!

Buhbye, Amy & Polaris (Why didn't I get to come?)

5:35 p.m.

Blogger Natalie said...

Hey! I did take him over! Those "goegeous" Yorkies totally snarled at Petey and were trying to crash out of their pen to get him! (Not even exaggerated!)

Poley, don't worry, you will get to go on many many trips...like on Sunday!

See you at the ROM!

5:38 p.m.


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