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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Petey Questionnaire

Since I'm avoiding the dreaded homework, I decided to copy Echo's questionnaire, and fill it out for Petey. Hopefully some other people will decide to too, so that when i don't want to do homework, i can read them :D Of course, if i fail any courses, the blame will rest directly on your shoulders :D

Full name: Petey "PeePee" C. (the C is the initial of my last name)
Where were you born? Somewhere in Quebec, Canada
Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario
When is your birthday? November 15, 2005
Do you have siblings? Yes, but Natalie doesn't know how many- I was the only one donated
What do you want to be when you grow up? A HED or a Seizure Response dog
What is your favourite word(s)? "Yay Petey!"
Any nicknames? Of course- PeePee is Nat's favourite, and then there's Peewee, and widdle puppy ( i can hear Sam barfing as my secretary Natalie types)

Grey: What you get when you mix the colours of my fur together
Humans: Are yummy to bite
Fruit Loops: umm..I don't know what they are but Nat says they're yummy
Glove: I agree with Echo- Yummy!
Structure: What?? I guess my cozy crate
Race: I like to race and then pounce on my specially tiny tennis ball-fits right in my mouth!
Heart: I love a lot of people, but especially Natalie :D Oh, ok and my godmommy Sam :D
Parasite: Uh oh.....

Do it fast or do it right? Well i like to do it fast but Nat says she likes me to do it right
Have you ever had surgery? No, but people keep talking about some kind of "snip snip" ? Nat tells me to ask Calvin and Lomax about that
Random fact about you: I have only ONE black toenail
Best compliment ever given to you? What a cute little puppy!
What do you do when you can't sleep? Chase my toys or cuddle with Nat
What is your favourite subject in school? I haven't gone to school yet.
What is your worst subject? It would probably be bio, as i would try to lick the yucky lab floor
Are you hyperactive? Let's just say this word was invented just for me
Do you talk in your sleep? Never, but i do snore sometimes
Have you ever been prescribed drugs? No, but I do have ear drops for my ear infection :(
Your current mood: Quiet, for once!!
Underwear colour? Like Echo, going commando!
Have you ever peed in public? Nope, not yet! :D
Who's your favourite canine family member? My mommy, and my godcousins Calvin, Patience, Polaris and Raleigh :D and even though he's not a family memeber, i love Echo as well :D


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