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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Petey's First Bath

Wow, I'm surprised how quickly we're going through all these firsts! Today we gave Petey his first bath since he had accidentally sat down in his pee, and frankly, he STUNK! :P

It was quite an experience. At first, he really wanted to get out so he kept trying to throw himself out of the tub, but then he settled down and let us give him a good wash. It was weird though, because after the bath, he didn't smell like a dog anymore, he smelled like bath products :P

But the "finished product" is nicer to cuddle than the "before" because now he doesn't smell like pee! And he's fluffy!! :D

Sorry, the pictures a bit yucky, but he started shivering so i didn't want him to have to wait til i got a good picture ;)


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