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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Puppy Trip to the ROM!

Today we went on a puppy trip to the ROM- the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown toronto. This was Petey's second time downtown. We love puppy trips and it was very fun today. It lasted for a bit over four hours, so Petey was nice and tired when we got home.

We had a few new dogs along with our "regulars", including two from Petey's puppy class! Coming along today were: Sam with Calvin and Patience, AmyG with Princess Echo, AmyB with Polaris (Larry!!), Missy with Charlotte (Calvin's sister), Dee with Fortune, LynnG with Eden, LynnT with Sonic (a fellow JRT!) and Neptune, Kelly with Ashley, Della with Betty, Lauren with Bean, Kelly with Denver, and Joanne with Easton.

So we met at Main Station at around 12 and off we headed to St.George Station. We grabbed a bite to eat at Timmy's and wet to the ROM, where they were very nice and gave us complimentary admission! We wandered around in the same exhibit for a while and traded off puppies, but then somehow Missy, AmyG, AmyB, Sam and I with Polaris, Fortune, Denver, Echo and Neptune in tow wandered off by ourselves. The exhibits were pretty good and the mummy was pretty cool, even though AmyB and I figured out it was giving us "THE toe" (as opposed as the finger ;) Yeah we're cool like that)

One of the best moments was definitely when we were at the exit of the bat cave and AmyG screamed when the automatic doors opened. That was hilarious! Made it through the freaky bat cave, especially with Missy taunting us the whole way through, but when the automatic doors opened, it was too much to handle! :P I'm sure I'm going to get an angry comment from her tomorrow :)

Anyways, here are some pictures from today:

Petey loves Echo! --- Nope, not the washroom! ;)

Pretty Fortune! --- the Amys and the Jacks

Echo's mug shot --- Me and Patience!! <33

Petey passed out

p.s. Thank you Amy for letting Petey borrow Katie/Elvis's collar- the neon happy faces suit him well :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw Nat! I'm glad you had fun!

I'm sorta pissed you put about me and the bat cave! grrrr.. but w.e..

Your welcome for the collar =D .. just rembmer that i need it back when I get Navi's puppy =P

Amy and Echo

5:32 p.m.


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