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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter(For Real)!!

Happy Easter everyone! Yippee, I can finally eat chocolate again!!! (I gave that up for Lent)

Today Petey and I participated in the Toronto Easter Beaches Parade! It was lots and lots of fun! We started off the day by going to Dee and Fortune's house for a play. Petey had so much fun with Fortune- he even enjoyed rolling around in the dirt. His entire head was brown when they stopped so Dee wiped him off.

Who wants a piece of this scruffy hunk?

Then it was time to head to the parade! The two puppies were pretty well behaved in the car-Petey's been having some carsickness issues lately, but thank goodness nothing happened. We passed by Neil McNeil, the school that is hosting the leadership weekend I'm attending in May.

There were a couple of dogs already at our float when we arrived- Norton, Ashton, Hamish (a Westie Petey's size!), Dallas and Athena. Dee ahd a surprise for us- she had made up Easter bags for us and the puppies! That was really nice of her- they contained a rawhide stick, a circle rawhide thingy (can you tell I'm going to major in English?), lots of treats for the dogs and even a baggie of chocolates for the humans! Dee also gave Petey a bone because he seemed to like it so much at her house- Thanks Dee! It's definitely the one thing that kepps him occupied for a whole blissful HOUR!!!!

Dee and I were getting worried about Sam, AmyB and Missy- the parade began at two and they didn't show up until 1:45. It turns out Sam, who is always saying I'm bad with directions, took two hours to get into Toronto from Oakville! True this was her first time driving in Toronto, but I'm going to take this chance to make fun of her.


Dee and I switched puppies for the parade. Both Petey and Fortune are pullers so we were both working on that- Fortune was a very good girl though, she settled down-except she lvoes Dee so much, and couldn't help but keep looking back for her (I was walking at the front with Amy and Sam and for a while Olivia and I walked so close to the van we chanced being run over by the back wheels).

We even got on TV! My friend who was watching, did not call me because she assumed I knew it was being played. Well I didn't so I got very mad at her. But i caught the number during the end credits to call if you were interested in purchasing a copy of the tape, which I will call to find out how much it is.

At the end of the parade, Petey was very tired and both he and Fortune behaved very well on the bus and subway back to Dee's house. On our walk home we visited Fortune's friend, a beautiful Great dane named Justice. Also, Dee's friend came by with his dog Rhianna (sorry if that's spelled wrong Dee).

Petey is now asleep after having played with his new bone for well over an hour. Thanks again Dee for all the treats and having us over, and Missy for the homemade doggy cookies. (petey loves Blossom too)

p.s. Want an insight into the mature world of teenage foster parents? Here is a scene recorded word for word while we were sitting waiting for the parade to begin.

Sam: Hey, did you see the bagpipe players?

Me: No, are they hot?

Sam: Um...no...they have bagpipes!!

Meanwhile, Amy is cracking up beside me. Come one! We're sixteen year old girls!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nat & Petey,

I'm glad you both enjoyed coming over before the parade. Fortune is back to playing with her bone and is wide awake and it's midnight. I have to find out where those batteries are and taken them out.

Petey was very well behaved and listened when I asked him to sit, stay, etc.

Dee with Fortune (when can we do it again?)

9:05 p.m.

Blogger Calvin said...

Just to clarify for everyone...

I have never questioned Natalie's skill at following directions, only giving them. My problem today was not with giving directions, but following them. And I did get there with lots of time to spare before the parade started. Not bad for my first drive into Toronto.

And bagpipes are just COOL!

Sam, Calvin, and Patience

12:41 p.m.

Anonymous Nelliesmama said...

Hi Nat,
Uhh,why does Petey wear his bunny ears on his butt instead of his head???? I know you are weird and different,but......lol!

12:02 a.m.


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